From Run Down to Sleek Country Home

Leigh Leigh
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We all know how much we'd love to live in a country home, especially in Canada with its vast, rural landscape. With beautiful scenery and expansive areas of natural wonder, a country home could be just the ticket for a peaceful and tranquil existence.

Living in the country doesn't have to be a rural or rustic experience, however. In fact, we are going to show you how architect professionals, Bawa, created a modern masterpiece of a country home out of a run down, dilapidated structure. By integrating different materials together flawlessly, the result is a cutting-edge design that is anything but country bumpkin.

Let's take a look!

Before: Old, old, old


In this image, we can see the home before the designers intervened. This home is very old-fashioned and hadn't been cared for in quite some time. The walls need a fresh coat of paint and the style needs some refreshing!

Yet we can see the potential of the home. For starters, it is set in the most beautiful forest with very impressive and expansive surrounds. Secondly, it is a large home that has the potential to be a very modern space for a large family.

Are you curious to see how the designers made the most of the potential?

After: Chic happens


The designers completely transformed the home, working with the size and space available to renovate it.

Instead of the old fashioned facade, they've opted for a wooden structure that integrates this home into the nature that surrounds it. This is very modern and edgy. 

We can see how the light wooden facade contrasts beautifully with the darker wooden terrace, where the family can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the nature that surrounds the home. This space features some gorgeous yet durable terrace furniture, where the residents can curl up with a book, enjoy a morning cup of coffee or entertain over tea. 

Don't you love how the trees form a natural canopy of shade for this space?

Interior and exterior spaces


In this image, we can see how the bedroom spills out onto the terrace, thanks to a large glass sliding door. This allows for fresh air and sunshine to flow into the sleeping quarters. It also visually expands the bedroom, where the residents can stumble out of their bedroom in their dressing gowns to watch the sunrise.

From this angle, we can see that the designers have gone for a very simple and minimalist design throughout the home, ensuring that the nature that surrounds the space is the focal point. This also makes for a very neat, organized and trendy home – outside and in!

The neutral colour palette brings serenity and tranquility to the home. 

Modern magic


If we take a little sneak peek into the home, we can see that the designers stuck to a very sleek design style.

In this area of the house, black becomes a predominant colour. This works because of the natural light in the home. Be careful of using dark colours when your home is already quite dark – you don't want it to look like a cave.

The designers added a splash of yellow here and there, which truly enhances and lights up the interior design. This is a great way to introduce some personality and charm into a space. You can also add colourful shutters or door frames to a home for the same effect.

The materials


The materials in this home have been chosen very carefully, bringing in the rustic and earthy elements, allowing this slick and stylish home to still blend beautifully into its natural surrounds.

In this image, we can see how the designers used wood, glass and stone in harmony with one another to create a very striking effect. This just proves that sometimes simple is the most sophisticated!

If you like this home, you'll love this epic country home.

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