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We all know that the bathroom is so much more than the space where we cleanse ourselves – or answer nature’s calls. It is also a room where we can relax in a tub or shower, do personal touch ups like makeup and hair, and indulge in a range of beauty treatments that range from DIY facials to trimming those nose hairs.

For all these functions, however, a certain level of bathroom storage space is required for those shampoos, bath salts, and nose-hair trimmers (and lots more). But what do we do when that bathroom is anything but spacious?

Well, we have a few ideas below…

1. A walk-in shower

That awkward little alcove/niche can also double up as a walk-in shower. All that’s needed is a sliding door enclosure (which are already available in various sizes) to fit your relevant space perfectly. 

See our list of professionals here on homify that can help you achieve the bathroom (or kitchen, living room, garden, bedroom… ) of your dreams.

2. Free your floor

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Stonearth – Finesse Oak washstand double basins

Stonearth Interiors Ltd

Whether your taste is ultra modern or classic country, you are going to need some closets/cupboards in that bathroom. But here is where we suggest that you opt for tall storage units that don’t take up too much floor area, or even better, open shelves against the walls to leave to leave your floor open. 

Be sure to keep those shelves neat by only displaying decorative jars and bottles.

3. Stylish shelves

Double-counter top basins always look so stylish and practical, yet don’t always leave you with a lot of storage space. The solution? Add a shelf underneath.

Match it to the width and length of the counter above, bring in some vintage crates and boxes, and store all your bathroom necessities out of sight.

4. Clever cupboards

Those colour-coded towels, linens and textiles need to be stored somewhere. And that is where custom-designed fitted furniture and cupboards come in, as they can beautifully transform a tiny bathroom into a clever storage area to keep your linens in perfect order. 

Opt for a pale whitewashed oak to keep the room feeling light and spacious.

5. White colours

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Summit collection

Mastella Design

Add more visual space to your small bathroom by colouring those floors and walls in a warm white, and opting for white accessories. 

The same with floating shelves, a wall-hung basin keeps your floor area free. And forget about a sturdy closet/cabinet – a slim tapering ladder can provide fantastic storage space for a range of accessories and bathroom essentials. 

homify hint: Potted plants with greens break that all-white palette ever so slightly and add a natural touch to your interiors.

6. Clever corners

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Corners are weird, but they can also be quite helpful. Fill up that corner with a corner cabinet/basin to inject some functionality into your small space. Remember that you can always opt for a wall-mounted model and/or the door-less type if you don’t have enough space to swing a cabinet door. 

homify hint: Don’t think your small bathroom needs to remain boring; some pretty patterned wallpaper can inject a strong dose of beauty into that tiny space, but just make sure the colours are not too domineering. Opt for light neutrals in tones of creams, off-whites, and greys.

7. Multifunctional thinking

Atomic Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet homify BañosEspejos

Atomic Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet


Double-duty pieces are vital when it comes to small spaces. Thus, opt for elements like an illuminated mirror with storage inside, as well as a wall-hung drawer cabinet underneath. 

Even better if those storage spaces can extend into other areas of the bathroom, such as the tub or wall niches. 

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