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This Unkempt Penthouse Becomes Unbelievable

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Salones modernos de acertus Moderno
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The owners of this penthouse had simple goals, they wanted to renovate their home to feel modern and fresh, but they didn't want to live in a cold or minimalist space. However, renovation and restoration professionals  Acertus had their work cut out for them. The penthouse was dark, mismatched, and tinted a sickening orange. Some rooms were simply cluttered and old, while others were unpleasant pastiches of textures and styles that could never have worked together. Despite the significant challenge in this project, Acertus pulled off an incredible renovation. The new home is modern, stylish, and as warm and detailed as the clients could have hoped. Lets take a closer look at this phenomenal home!

Before: Hallway in Hell

Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras coloniales de acertus Colonial

This hallway is orange, odd, and plain unappealing. The lighting needs updating, and so do the walls, the flooring, and the ill-fitting ceiling trim. 

After: Hallway from Heaven

Hall Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras modernos de acertus Moderno

What a dreamy renovation! Every single surface has been changed to make a calm pink hallway. The awful flooring from before has been replaced with an elegant pink marble. The ceiling trim has been taken down and simple trim has been placed at the bottom of the walls. Even that awful lighting has been replaced with modern potlights. 

Before: Cluttered Office

Estudios y despachos coloniales de acertus Colonial

This office space is far too cluttered to be a productive work space. Underneath the mess, the orange and white walls look dull and boring. Also, the flooring is a shade of brown that clashes with the wall orange.

After: Soft Workspace

Study room Estudios y despachos modernos de acertus Moderno

Study room


The divided wall style has been kept, but improved in every way. The dark beige on the bottom and simple cream on the top flow together harmoniously, and lend the room a calm atmosphere. Also, shelving in beige and white has been installed to avoid the previous clutter. 

Before: Nothing Works

Salones coloniales de acertus Colonial

This living and dining room has the same orange-ish mismatch as the hallway did. The furniture and door are dated as well. Nothing is working here, it needs a complete overhaul. 

After: A Masterpiece

Living room Salones modernos de acertus Moderno

Living room


This room's transformation knocks our socks off! Everything has been revamped into a clean white and warm beige. The doors have been taken off entirely, the table has been replaced, and that glowing marble flooring makes a big statement as well. The textured rug is an unusual choice that reminds us of a sandy beach. Plus, the indoor plant adds some more tropical feel in bright green. 

For another fabulous transformation check out how this run down apartment became a sleek home.

After: Stylish Sleeping

Senior Suite Dormitorios modernos de acertus Moderno

Senior Suite


For a more sophisticated bedroom look the designers have added a dark blue to the wall and linens. The wall texture is fun but not overwhelming like the previous wall textures in the home. The red furniture on either side of the bed makes a big impact too! 

After: Refined Retreat

Dressing room Vestidores modernos de acertus Moderno

Dressing room


The dressing room was also part of the renovation, and has achieved the same dreamy look as the hallway. The white accessories keep the room feeling bright, and the thin ivory curtains maintain the soft ambiance. There's also plenty of function in this room, with the huge wall-length wardrobe that takes some of the storage pressure off the bedroom. 

After: Glorious Garden

Terrace Balcones y terrazas modernos de acertus Moderno



The home's sun-room has been given some extra love from the designers. Its amazing warm yellow is made even brighter by the white patio furniture and potted plants. The green flooring has a faux-grass feel that's sure to keep a summery feel in the room even during the dead of winter. 

If you're a fan of cozy renovations you'll love what this old cottage became!

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