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​30 expert tips for your modern bathroom

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We all know that in addition to being a private space where we go to cleanse ourselves and answer nature’s calls, the bathroom is also an open area that needs to be constantly accessible to guests – unlike the bedroom. That can definitely make things a bit tricky when it comes to bathroom designing, especially when you want to stick to one relevant style, such as the modern one.

But never fear, for here at homify we always have a few tricks up our stylish sleeves. And today we have no less than 30 tips that can help you not only boost your bathroom’s beauty (and functionality), but also display its modern style with pride. 

So, start scrolling, and be sure to let us know in the comments section which idea(s) you will be stealing for your own bathroom(s) back home!

1. Add some timber touches without resorting to full-on rustic style, such as a wooden door and/or vanity surface.

2. The modern style is not just limited to clean lines – these patterned tiles add a very sleek touch to this modern bathroom.

3. A combination of greys results in a space that is not only modern, but also stylishly simplistic.

4. Plants and flowers zhoosh up any space, regardless of its style!

5. Glass is one of the go-to materials for modern spaces, and just see how stunningly it defines this shower screen.

Casa LA 356 - RIMA Arquitectura Baños modernos de RIMA Arquitectura Moderno Vidrio
RIMA Arquitectura

Casa LA 356 – RIMA Arquitectura

RIMA Arquitectura

6. The age of mosaic tiles is certainly not over, as this fresh young bathroom proves.

7. Neutrals are your best friend in a modern space. And look: more mosaics!

8. Combine different patterns and textures for an innovative and highly detailed look.

9. The black-and-white colour combination always presents a sophisticated space.

Departamento Tabachines Baños modernos de Hansi Arquitectura Moderno
Hansi Arquitectura

Departamento Tabachines

Hansi Arquitectura

10. Like glass, mirrors help to visually define a space, plus add a neat and clean look.

11. A touch of ceramic tiles can add some detail, plus adorn a beautiful feature wall in your bathroom.

12. Metal and (stainless) steel both have captivating personalities that can define a modern space.

13. Some open/floating shelves of glass are perfect for displaying a few modern accessories – just don’t go the cluttered route.

14. Make your shower the showstopper with some colour and pattern via tiles (mosaics, anyone?).

15. Or use those patterned tiles to adorn the floor and/or a wall. Not too much, as you still want to leave a space that looks clean and calm.

PATCHWORK TONOS AZULES Baños modernos de Gama Ceramica y Baño Moderno
Gama Ceramica y Baño


Gama Ceramica y Baño

16. Bold colours can also make a strong statement.

17. Some simple frames and images can definitely add a personal touch.

Baños modernos de Deeco Moderno

18. Sufficient storage areas will enhance your modern bathroom’s clean-lined look.

19. Some geometric patterns can definitely zhoosh up a bathroom via wallpaper.

Be sure to treat yourself to our range of decadent wallpaper ideas here on homify.

20. Cleverly divide up that bathroom space via a hanging shelf, as shown here.

21. A handful of rustic touches (like tree branches) will make the surrounding modern space seem even more clean and sleek.

22. As long as those colours are not too hectic, you can definitely spice up your modern bathroom with some textures.

23. A well-lit space is key, regardless of which style we’re referring to.

24. White can definitely reign supreme, but it looks so much better when contrasting with other tones, like this warm timber floor.

25. Some shapes can ensure contrast, like circular designs offsetting with linear ones.

26. Clean and smooth porcelain combined with textured wood is always a winner.

Vista Interior -Detalle Baños modernos de homify Moderno

Vista Interior -Detalle


27. Ensure your space is functional. A pretty look will only bring you so far.

28. Scared to experiment with colour? The monochrome look always looks classy and elegant.

29. Then again, some natural tones (sea blue, forest green) never hurt anyone.

30. If you are mixing and matching colours and materials, don’t bring in too many patterns. You want that space to look clean and calm.

Let’s take a look how you can Prevent bathroom moisture with this watertight advice.

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