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Nobuyoshi Hayashi Balcones y terrazas modernos
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When it comes to minimalism, the Japanese are at the top of the game. Not simply a style or design, in Japan minimalism is a way of life, embodying many aspects of the Zen Philosophy and culture. Admired by many of our century's most renowned architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, John Pawson and Tadao Ando, Japanese minimalist dwellings are a reflection of peace, order and harmony.

Zen concepts include a level of simplicity to transmit the ideas of liberty and the essence of life. Not only for aesthetic value, Zen minimalism evokes feelings of austerity without negatively affecting the innate comfort of a space. Abundance is seen as unnecessary when designing an interior and, instead, items are chosen based on a mantra of 'quality over quantity'. By including only the essential elements and features, a domestic space or dwelling can influence its occupant in a positive and enriching way.

Today on homify we are taking a look at a home that embodies a sense of minimalism. The dwelling is simple, clean and fresh, exuding a level of style elemental in many Japanese homes. Designed by Nobuyoshi Hayashi, this residence is a beautiful example of a small home, which is both surprisingly spacious and highly unique. 

For an exclusive tour inside this intriguing dwelling, check out the images, below, and venture into this spectacularly sleek and chic home.  

The minimalist shed!

The shed-like structure is beautiful in its simplicity and adds an imposing presence to the area with height rather than width. We are also able to see the white colour palette that has been employed, paired with a piece of blue glass, above, and a cream front entry. The staircase is a gorgeous addition that not only provides a way to ascend to the entrance but also intersperses the typically symmetrical construction. 

Functionality and flair!

Inside, the home is warm, welcoming and replete with all the necessities to accommodate modern living. The adornment is basic, yet sophisticated in its approach. The sparse use of furniture and lack of ornamentation is highly suggestive of a stylish minimal atmosphere. Exuding simplicity, the dining and kitchen is perfectly spacious considering the compact floor plan.

Different timber tones are seen throughout, with a cooler hue employed for the ceiling and a warmer timber floorboard. The elegant furniture is Japanese in its aesthetic with Scandinavian influences that employ functionality along with flair. Twin pendant lights in brushed gold add a luxe ambience and provide a partition for the dining area from the cooking space. Finally, the kitchen is linear in its form and utilises only one wall for the main appliances, with a secondary preparation space at the end of the room. The colour scheme is neutral and subdued with powerful undertones that exhibit a Zen-like harmony and cohesion. 

Terrific timber treehouse

This room is reminiscent of a treehouse and includes a loft bed space along with a compact study area. The area feels peaceful and protected, with timber imparting warmth and a sheltered feeling. In this domestic zone the lines have been carefully chosen to create a spacious air, while always ensuring the room is liveable, functional and elegant. It is the simplicity that reigns supreme within this space; a single hanging light the epitome of this archetypal minimalist design. 

Cohesion and an airy ambience

As we peek through the staircase and into the living area we are again hit with a feeling of tranquillity and peacefulness. The staircase employs timber steps, held together with delicate tubes of steel. A dark textured feature wall sits to one side and the colour palette used is earthy and warm.

As the stairs are thin pieces of timber they are able to allow natural light to pass between the spaces, illuminating different areas and ensuring openness for the home. Surprisingly, both the upstairs and downstairs are equally bright, transmitting serenity and composure. 

Minimalism at its best

Here we view the living space from the opposite direction and are given another view of the staircase. The room features an abundance of light filled nooks, all provided by huge picture windows and floor-to-ceiling glazing.

The modular grey wall sits on the reverse side of the room and contrasts the dark aubergine hues. The only colour that is different is the bright lime green tree that beautifully reflects the foliage outside, adding life and vivacity to the space. Furniture is also minimal, with the emphasis on empty space as opposed to how to fill it.

Elongated and elegant

Back outside we see the elongated curved staircase that leads to the entrance. Although this image was taken at dusk it is clear that the colour scheme utilised is a bright white hue, reflecting the brightness of the nighttime moon. Curved lines are juxtaposed against clean angular forms and this helps to evoke a sense of interest and thoughtfulness for the viewer. The front door is located at the top of the stairs, while there is also a downstairs entry behind the garage space.

Opening up to the evening

Once again the exterior image is taken during dusk to display the residence with all of its doors open and exposed to the outside areas. The house is slim and slender and with the interior looking utterly warm and inviting. The driveway is a practical addition and offers somewhere to house a car. Additionally, another vehicle can be parked in front of the garage door without impeding access to the front door. A double height projection of the roof offers a veranda style porch to the home and has a single light to illuminate the entrance. 

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