8 small but charming kitchens

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8 small but charming kitchens

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Like almost everything, living in an apartment has its advantages and disadvantages. The downsides include the limited space and usual lack of garden. The pros include having everything to hand, which allows you to feel more control and order. 

However, apartments usually come with a fair few kitchen troubles. This is because the kitchen often is reserved to a small space, or at least within some kind of limitation.  But this doesn't have to mean that your kitchen will be a disaster – far from it. Check out these small but charming kitchens, and be inspired…

Contrasting tones

Paint the walls, floors and countertops in light tones that contrast and balance harmoniously. In this modern retro kitchen, the dark furniture contrast beautifully with the bright illuminations and glossy walls. Ask any interior designer - in a kitchen, shine is best!

Chic and practical

A small kitchen is not necessarily a kitchen with little space. Check out this super functional, practical kitchenette that has plenty of room for all occasions: cooking, washing, eating, and living. 

Save, store, sort

A small kitchen must seize absolutely every corner and leave no space unused. Studied design and precise measurements ensure that everything fits and nothing is left out.

A cute breakfast bar

Eating in the kitchen is a pleasure for many reasons –  it is a warm and nurturing environment with rich aromas of homemade food, and also a practical and functional option. A breakfast bar need not be elaborate or complex design. It just needs to be a table to eat and to use as an extension of the activities carried out in the kitchen This small bar is exactly that: a simple and natural wood countertop built into the wall.

Forms that adapt

Flexibility is important for any home, but when it comes to decorating or furnishing a small kitchen, it matters so much more. The contours of corners can sometimes present a difficulty when ordering ready-made kitchens, but this smart and functional design is one that makes the most of a small space and tricky angles.

The joy of colour

It's not hard to make a small kitchen look as spectacular as any other. With a bit of creativity and hard work, incredible results are achieved. Put a little colour on those kitchen walls and cabinets. In this case, a touch of vibrant red raises spirits and boosts the good vibrations!

A linear kitchen

Let's demolish the myth that black or dark colours don't work in a small kitchen. This linear cooking space is a perfect proof that exceptions to the old rules exist, and that everything depends on the design and proper use of materials and Colors. This kitchen features matte black furniture that contrasts and complements the subtle red accents. It's a bright kitchen with a great source of natural, comfortable and practical light.

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