20 facades in 3D that will inspire you to design your dream home

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20 facades in 3D that will inspire you to design your dream home

Camila Boschiero – homify Camila Boschiero – homify
Casa 0316.: Casas de estilo  por Lozano Arquitectos,
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Today we will look at the 3D rendering of house facades. It is a common  and extremely helpful tool used by architects and professionals to map out what your home will look like. It is more than a blue print, you can add texture, color, lights, and even animate people. homify is giving you 20 ideas for your next plan, if it is your first house build or that dream house that you always wanted. Shall we? 

1. Open Garage

Casas de estilo  por homify,

Fachada principal


Common with warm countries, this style open garage, leads you straight from the street to your house. Once you are parked, only a door will separate you from your house. 

2. Windows

Casas de estilo  por homify,

What a great way to get in the most of sunshine in your home.

3. A Garden

CASA CELAYA: Casas de estilo  por Tectónico,



What an entrance this will make! You have automatically your yard and entertaining area welcoming you.

For more entrances ideas check out this ideabook: 15 Ways to Make a Dramatic Entrance

4. Materials

Casa Paraiso - RIMA Arquitectura: Casas de estilo  por RIMA Arquitectura,
RIMA Arquitectura

Casa Paraiso – RIMA Arquitectura

RIMA Arquitectura

Another great thing about the 3D rendering of this facade is that you can see the different types of materials you can use and how it will look. 

5. Modern

CASA BALCONES: Casas de estilo  por Tectónico,



Is it a museum? Nope! Maybe your next home.

6. Levels

Fachada interior con Alberca volada: Casas de estilo  por AParquitectos,

Fachada interior con Alberca volada


With the 3D rendering you can see exactly how different levels will play out for your house plans.

7. Below street level

Fachada exterior: Casas de estilo  por AParquitectos,

Fachada exterior


Depending on where you live and the structure of the plot you are planing to build, this is a great opportunity to maximize your space and make your house discreet.

8. Colours

Another great tool about planning your house with an expert and a computer is that you can see how colors will take shape.

9. Boxy

CaSA LINDA VISTA Design Process: Casas de estilo  por CoRREA Arquitectos,
CoRREA Arquitectos

CaSA LINDA VISTA Design Process

CoRREA Arquitectos

Another great example of blending an industrial-like house to its environment.

10. Different materials

Much like house number 4 on our list, here you have 4 types of materials.With this facade design you can see the mix and match of wood, glass, stone wall, and concrete. 

11. Balcony and Terrace Space

This by far is our favorite! We think that the outdoor space should be maximized to perfection, this is the ultimate dream terrace, just look at the size of that thing! 

12. A Clean Facade

The cacti are manicured to perfection with the use of wood and concrete, almost like an desert oasis dream.

13. Security

Casa de Campo MM: Casas de estilo  por Modulor Arquitectura,
Modulor Arquitectura

Casa de Campo MM

Modulor Arquitectura

For those who are worried about security but don't themselves want to close themselves off with fences, this is a great solution. 

14. More Security

Casas de estilo  por homify,

Here is another example of security, although the house has plenty of visible windows it is secured with a see through gate. The facade is not boxed off and outsiders can look in as you can look out. 

15. Concrete

Fachada MG-Ceibas-87: Casas de estilo  por Modulor Arquitectura,
Modulor Arquitectura

Fachada MG-Ceibas-87

Modulor Arquitectura

Another fantastic example of a city facade, concrete on concrete, but with different textures. 

16. Accent Lighting

With the right lights you can make anything a feature. In this example the lights are featuring the garage and the entrance. 

17. Futuristic

This is probably the ultimate example of how a 3D rendering can work to your advantage. Be unique, try something different!

18. The Facade with everything

Vista Principal: Casas de estilo  por 21arquitectos,

Vista Principal


It has an open garage, a balcony, a front garden, all in one magnificent structure. 

19. Compact

An example of a compact modern house that features one garage space in a two story building.

20. It's not a home, it's a lifestyle.

Fachada Principal, vista nocturna: Casas de estilo  por Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V.,
Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V.

Fachada Principal, vista nocturna

Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V.

We finish our tour of 3D facades here. If you liked what you have seen, try this ideabook: 8 Small Houses with Grand Entryways

Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS,

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