20 facades in 3D that will inspire you design your dream home

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20 facades in 3D that will inspire you design your dream home

Sana Salam Sana Salam
Casas de estilo  por homify,
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3D rendering is one of those discoveries that make you wonder how ever you survived before it came along. The process essentially allows you to visualise your finished home – on paper – hyper-realistically. That's a tremendous improvement from the past when hand-drawn blueprints were the only source for getting some perspective about the finished project. More often than not though, the latter turns out to look quite different from the blueprint. 

Visualising your dream home in 3D is actually a super fun process. You can add texture, colour, light and even animate people. Is anyone thinking Sims? Unlike a video game though, this process helps architects and designers fully visualise the end result, which in turn allows them to make prior modifications if necessary. 

Check out these 20 ultra-cool 3D renderings that might just inspire you!

1. Playing with volumes

Casas de estilo  por homify,

3D renderings even allow you to understand the possible variants of lighting in your home – seen here on the exterior with the wall-to-wall windows. 

3. A modern structure with an open garden

CASA CELAYA: Casas de estilo  por Tectónico,



In the backyard of this two-storey home, you can see the terraces that open out onto this beautiful stretch of garden, which houses niche spaces such as the stone bed and the water body. 

4. Mix of materials on the facade

Casa Paraiso - RIMA Arquitectura: Casas de estilo  por RIMA Arquitectura,
RIMA Arquitectura

Casa Paraiso – RIMA Arquitectura

RIMA Arquitectura

When in doubt about whether you are overdoing it with the mixing and matching of materials, a 3D rendering will solve that brain freeze for you. 

5. Glass facades

CASA BALCONES: Casas de estilo  por Tectónico,



You can get a rather precise picture of what your house would look like if you decided to largely do away with traditional walls and instead frame it in glass. 

5. A one-storey home with an open garage

Casas de estilo  por homify,

Fachada principal


The simple, linear facade is highlighted by the use of a somber colour palette and the mix and match of materials and textures. 

6. A study of volumes

Fachada interior con Alberca volada: Casas de estilo  por AParquitectos,

Fachada interior con Alberca volada


Playing with volumes can be a tricky business that can go very, very wrong; here, you can see exactly what it would look like with volume play on different levels and with closed and open fronts. 

7. One level down

Fachada exterior: Casas de estilo  por AParquitectos,

Fachada exterior


Want to build your home one level below the adjacent street but are jittery? No problem. 

8. Colour contrasts

We often stick to vanilla choices because what if things go wrong, right? Totally understandable. With 3D rendering, you can see exactly what your dream home would look like in your favourite crazy colour. 

9. A two-storey box home

CaSA LINDA VISTA Design Process: Casas de estilo  por CoRREA Arquitectos,
CoRREA Arquitectos

CaSA LINDA VISTA Design Process

CoRREA Arquitectos

A white wall, glazed windows and a brick enclosure in a boxy format sounds like a difficult thing to pull off, but as seen here in the rendering, it works like a charm. 

10. Stone, glass and wood

This almost-quadrant with its mixing of materials and sizes actually works. 

11. An open facade

Isn't it great that you can actually visualise what your ginormous terrace and laid-back backyard space would look like?

12. Minimal expression

Is this the oasis mirage you hallucinate into reality? In this case, very much so for the owners. 

13. A sombre exterior

Casa de Campo MM: Casas de estilo  por Modulor Arquitectura,
Modulor Arquitectura

Casa de Campo MM

Modulor Arquitectura

Geometry is the name of the game here, creating gorgeous shadow plays. 

14. A linear construction

Casas de estilo  por homify,

This rendering allowed the architects to visualise not just the combination of coated wood and the glass panes, but they were also able to gauge how much privacy could be afforded with the design. 

15. Concrete and wood

Fachada MG-Ceibas-87: Casas de estilo  por Modulor Arquitectura,
Modulor Arquitectura

Fachada MG-Ceibas-87

Modulor Arquitectura

You can see how the architects have alternated between closed spaces (the garage) and open areas (the balcony). 

16. Lighting is king

The accent lighting in this example practically defines this home. 

17. A discreet exterior

When your idea of a dream house sounds like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie, a 3D rendering makes a hell of a lot of sense. 

18. Futuristic volumes

Vista Principal: Casas de estilo  por 21arquitectos,

Vista Principal


This magnificent structure would have sounded like an outlandish nightmare on paper, but visualised in 3D, it looks like a dream. 

19. Limited space

When you don't have a lot of room to work with, it's important to lay out your floor plan beforehand. This compact home shows you how you can build vertically. 

20. Open facades

Fachada Principal, vista nocturna: Casas de estilo  por Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V.,
Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V.

Fachada Principal, vista nocturna

Milla Arquitectos S.A. de C.V.

This unusual facade, with its open areas, is a wonderfully welcoming space. 

If you're considering renovating your home, check out Before and after: 5 renovations to copy to get some inspiration.

Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS,

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