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20 Enviable Ways To Modernize Your Living Room

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
Salones modernos de studiodonizelli Moderno
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It’s a bit of fun to inspire envy in others with your interior design. We have a great list of ways to give your living room a more modern look. If you don’t know where to start, try reaching out to some of the professionals on homify. They can help you make your ideas a reality. Curious? Then let’s whet your appetite for a renovation that will make your guests green with envy.

1. The Difference is in the Details

Showroom Salones eclécticos de LUXOREMA Ecléctico



The small decorative details in your room are what can set it apart. Personalize your space with decor that speaks to you and fits with your modern theme in the living room.

2. Put more Thought into your Lighting

Lighting is essential in any room! Make sure to complement your living room with lamps and open it up to sources of natural light.

3. Start Small

You don’t have to completely redo the living room to get a modern look. Try bringing in just one or two elements, like this mirrored coffee table, to update your home.  Mixing styles like this shows off your character!

4. Choose the Right Colour for the Walls

Picking a modern shade for the living room is easy! If you have a small living room, paint it all white to increase the visual sense of space and make the room look more luminous.

5. Manage the Layout

Penthouse Hacienda Salones modernos de Olivia Aldrete Haas Moderno
Olivia Aldrete Haas

Penthouse Hacienda

Olivia Aldrete Haas

The living room can get a little crowded with all those coffee tables, side tables, sofas, and chairs. Make sure to create a thoughtful layout for the living room to accommodate all your pieces.

6. Become a Gallery

Oficinas Corporativas - Home Office Salones modernos de homify Moderno

Oficinas Corporativas – Home Office


Find a way to feature art in your living room prominently. It helps set the mood for a room and can modernize the overall look instantly.

7. Embrace wood designs

Wood might seem like a traditional design element, but using it in the right ways strikes a balance between warmth and modernism. A touch of nature in a room goes a long way!

8. Incorporate Statement lighting pieces

A simple way to modernize the look of your living room is to use a statement lighting piece, like this globe shaped floor lamp.

9. Modernize with textiles

The fabrics and textiles in your living room are easy to switch up. Consider adding cushions or a rug to a room to help you get a more modern look. Check out the area rug in this living room!

10. Use neutral tones

Soft neutrals and an absence of colour make a classic statement in the living room.

11. Modern Entertaining

Departamento Quintas del Mar Salones modernos de el interior Moderno Madera Acabado en madera
el interior

Departamento Quintas del Mar

el interior

Choose the right seating for your living room to accommodate guests. Nobody wants to sit in a folding chair at a party.

12. Floors with Character

The floors in your home can make a big statement. Choose floors that are functional, durable, and that fit well with the modern style you’re going for. We love wood floors like these in homes!

13. Create a Rich Mixture of Textures

E2 Living Room Salones minimalistas de arQing Minimalista

E2 Living Room


Combine textures like stone, wood, and concrete to create the perfect mix of textures to make your living room modern and comfortable.

14. Natural Light

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design Salones eclécticos de Erika Winters® Design Ecléctico
Erika Winters® Design

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design

Erika Winters® Design

Modern living rooms look the best when they are brightly lit by natural light. Take advantage of the natural sources of light as much as you can. Light coloured walls and curtains can help make it even brighter!

15. Fill the living room with Life

Últimos trabajos Salones modernos de Spazio3Design Moderno

Últimos trabajos


Plants make any space more welcoming. Fill your living room with some freshness by finding a few plants to spruce up the place.

16. Unique wall treatments

Interiorismo Salones modernos de KAUS Moderno



A fun way to update your living room is to use a wall treatment as an accent. There’s a wall treatment that’s perfect for your living room. We love a good wall paper or wood paneling to create a modern accent wall.

17. Embolden with colour

Sala Departamento Gusi Salones eclécticos de Sandra Molina Ecléctico
Sandra Molina

Sala Departamento Gusi

Sandra Molina

Modern living rooms don’t have to be all black and white. Show off your passion for colour by emboldening your living room with a fresh hue!

18. Or balance the vibrancy

You can mix in an accent colour with a more neutral palette. Combining a bright colour with softer shades helps balance the look and makes for a relaxing setting.

19. Prints on the rug

BIMBA JUAN RUG Salones modernos de FLAM RUGS Moderno



Using a printed rug like this is an unexpected way to bring some art and design into your living room.

20. Modern Hearth

Sala Casa 57 Casa Fuerte Salones modernos de Prototipo Arquitectos Moderno
Prototipo Arquitectos

Sala Casa 57 Casa Fuerte

Prototipo Arquitectos

Nothing makes a winter more comfortable like a fire place in the living room. This modern hearth fits with the room beautifully.

Thanks for taking a look at our modern inspiration for the living room! For decor ideas, check out our feature on 7 home decor blunders to avoid.

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