9 ideas to decorate modern houses

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9 ideas to decorate modern houses

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Hill Top, London NW11 Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras modernos de Studio Duggan Moderno
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If you have a modern home that you think could stand to accept some super funky touches, then read on, as we have some fantastic ideas for making more of your space in interesting and unique ways! Interior designers are consistently pushing the boat out in terms of innovative and fascinating design motifs and these really are some of our favorites! Making more of small hallways, dead space and even adding extra functionality, all of these ideas are going to get you seriously thinking about how you use pockets of room in your home, so if you fancy getting creative and inspired, come with us now!

1. Optical illusion hallways.

Place a mirrored panel at the end of a short hallway and you'll be staggered by how much longer it looks! This space has been cleverly manipulated to look twice as long as it actually is and we are in love with the chevron rug that maintains the directional gaze!

2. Install an under-stairs garden.

Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras clásicas de Grupo HC Clásico

All that dead space underneath your stairs can be used to create an eye-catching feature that will have your friends turning green with envy! Simple shingle and plants that need little maintenance, such as cacti, are perfect and don't forget to add some lighting too, for extra impact!

3. Symmetrical design.

Who doesn't love a little bit of symmetry in their home? It creates an easy harmony and balance and when you use the right items, can make a space far more practical too! We love these bright pink lamps and little flower pots, as they look so sweet, ordered and still fun, while illuminating the hallway wonderfully!

4. Bold color in the lobby.

KAPOW! What a bold and vivid splash of color this sideboard adds! We think you can take inspiration from this hallway, as a neutral area is easily cheered up and made a lot more special with just a couple of piquant additions! The best part is, you can grab a secondhand piece of furniture and paint it yourself!

5. Big natural additions.

Recibidor Casa GL Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras modernos de homify Moderno Mármol

Recibidor Casa GL


If an under-stairs garden tempted you, we think you'll love the idea of planting a living tree inside your home too! Don't forget that it will purify your air, look great and add a really unique dimension of style to your home, so it's not a purely indulgent idea. Just make sure you select a variety that won't grow too huge!

6. A dedicated plant room.

If you are a passionate gardener, you might be interested to know that more and more people are creating plant-only rooms in their homes! Perfect for re-potting and nurturing delicate blooms, out of the rain, these spaces have such a warm, tropical vibe that will lift the aesthetic of the entire house!

7. Storage-filled entrances.

Modern homes always seem to have a knack for adding valuable functionality to where it is needed the most and when it comes to hallways, serious organisation is the key to success. Busy homes always seem to accrue a medley of shoes, coats and bags in the entrance, but with some simple and stylish storage in place, everything can stay there, but look good at the same time!

8. Contrasting colors.

miniszyk Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras minimalistas de unikat:lab Minimalista



While neutrals are always a good base for modern homes, there is no harm in adding in a few flamboyant colors to brighten everything up! This hallway is a prime example of what we mean, as the entire home has been finished in a monochromatic style, but just adding in a fuchsia velvet seat has made the whole space come alive!

9. Engaging accessory displays.

Hill Top, London NW11 Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras modernos de Studio Duggan Moderno
Studio Duggan

Hill Top, London NW11

Studio Duggan

Why have one accessory on your hallway table when you can have a handful that all look great together and give a rounded idea as to who you are and what you like? Gone are the days of absolutely everything having to match, so start experimenting!

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