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Mistakes to be avoided for a neat home

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Roland Gardens Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras minimalistas de BTL Property LTD Minimalista
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If you wander around your home and think something is a little off, but you can't quite put your finger on what, we might have the answer for you. 

It almost seems a little unfair that interior designers can spot a clanging error so easily, while the rest of us really have to think about it, but that's why they're worth their weight in gold. We have, however, gleaned some top tips from them in order to figure out what we might be doing in our homes that are making them fall just a little flat. 

Read on if you want all the inside information, as we aren't shy about sharing our knowledge with you. If you stumble on what is wrong with your home, let us know how you fixed it!

1. A cluttered hallway

Roland Gardens Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras minimalistas de BTL Property LTD Minimalista

Your home could be perfectly lovely, but if you walk into a cluttered, untidy hallway it can set the wrong tone right from the start. 

The solution is to embrace a little minimalism (if only in this space) by hiding all your clutter away in useful storage. Inset wall shelving is a great idea and if you add doors to the front, the clean, uncluttered look will be even better!

2. Dirty smudges on walls

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All-white interiors are beautiful. Breathtaking, in fact. But all it takes is one grubby hand print, one scuff or a slightly dirty area to make the whole lot look imperfect. 

If you have washable paint on your walls, do a quick sweep once a week and wipe off any new marks. If you don't, have a handy paintbrush and tester pot of your paint nearby for easy touch ups.

3. Bad smells that linger

Cocinas modernas de raumdeuter GbR Moderno

What is that weird odour that you get a whiff of every now and then? 

It might be a drain, which you can clean with white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice! It could also be a bin that has a spill in the bottom. 

If it's neither of these and you can't locate the smell, we suggest having some odour-combating room diffusers scattered around to at least mask it.

4. Dusty accessories

Accessories are all well and good, but boy do they love to collect dust. 

If you can't live without certain items out on display, you need to commit to regular dusting, but if that seems like too much hard work, pack them away and opt for a minimalist theme. 

Nobody will know you're just being time-savvy!

5. A dingy bathroom

Modern En Suite Design Baños modernos de homify Moderno

There are few things worse than a badly-lit bathroom, so swap out your bulbs for something a little brighter. LEDs are super energy-efficient, which makes them a cost-effective solution.

Also, while you're at it, clean your light fixture and open the window to let the natural light do all the hard work!

6. Old-fashioned kitchens

Cocinas modernas de homify Moderno

We're not talking about heritage kitchens here, but ones that are a bit old hat. 

You can perk a kitchen up instantly with new doors (which will never cost anywhere near as much as an entire new kitchen) and think about upgrading your appliances. Brushed steel ones add a really contemporary vibe and so many are A++ energy rated these days that they'll pay for themselves soon enough.

7. A boxy bedroom

Bedroom, bed, headboard and bedsides de muto Moderno

A boxy bedroom is nothing to be concerned about, if you decorate with the size and shape of the space in mind. 

Mirror the dimensions with your bed and keep the floor as clear as possible, to create a modern room that feels put together. This example is perfect for a square room!

8. Bare walls

Salones modernos de SESSO & DALANEZI Moderno

A little minimalism is cool, but you don't want all your walls to be bare? It could feel as though you've only just moved in! 

Putt some framed art up on the walls to inject new life or, if that doesn't fit with your aesthetic, how about a feature wall with wallpaper or natural materials to make the space pop?

9. Cluttered dining rooms

Mondrian Comedores minimalistas de Pixers Minimalista

Dining rooms can quickly become a 'do all' space, with laptops, homework and general paperwork all migrating in there. Stop this by creating designated spaces for everyday tasks, or making sure the room is totally cleared at the end of each usage.

Try to remember that your dining table has a distinct purpose and that it should be kept clear and ready to use.

10. A boring back garden

Why spend lots of time, effort and money making the inside of your home look amazing if you are going to simply let the back garden run riot? 

It's a fantastically usable space and can add a lot of value to your home, not to mention really upping your style credentials, so get out there and start landscaping!

To get clued up with decorating errors to avoid, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 décor mistakes we once made (and how we stopped).

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