11 things you need to throw out this Chinese New Year

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11 things you need to throw out this Chinese New Year

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That's right folks, it's 2017! After last year's rather devastating array of human catastrophes, natural disasters and lost celebrities, we welcome a new time that is filled with potential and promise. Are you ready to tackle 2017 head on? Do you want this year to feel productive, efficient and less shabby than the last? Well one of the best places to start is within your very own house or apartment. 

We've been singing the praises of de-cluttering for a long time now, but the results are undeniable. Removing junk, mess and clutter from your home is the best way to feel a renewed, de-stressed sense of accomplishment, and we're here to help show you how. Want to know what you can get rid of right this second? Check out our 11 top tips below and begin this year with a revitalised and refreshed abode. 

1. Broken electronics

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All professionals will agree, if something can't be fixed then it's better to get rid of it. Do you have useless electronics that you simply aren't going to repair? Toss them, recycle them and get them out of your home for good.

2. Unnecessary papers

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Papers pile up and accumulate incredibly over the course of a year. Take some time to put everything together, shred anything with personal information, and throw the rest in the paper-recycling bin. 

3. Expired food

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Tinned food would most likely withstand some sort of nuclear catastrophe, but spices, sauces, crackers, dried foods and obviously fresh food will not. If it's expired it won't taste any good and should be removed to free up space in your fridge, kitchen and pantry. 

4. Bad books

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Bad books are never going to be re-read, so why do you still hold onto them? Toss them or donate to a charity store and ensure your bookshelf remains a carefully curated selection of literature.

5. Last year’s diary

Have your old diaries piled up? Other than sentimental reasons, there is no real purpose to keeping last year's diary, ditch it and save yourself some domestic and handbag/briefcase clutter. 

6. Old lotions, medicines and makeup

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Expired medicines aren't curing anybody of their ailments. But they are causing clutter in your bathroom. Throw away anything that is out-of-date, empty or past its prime, ad free up some space in your cabinets

7. Clothes you never wear

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If you have items you never wear it's a good idea to donate them or give them away to someone who will wear them. Hang everything backwards, and in a month's time if it's not hanging the right way, it can go. 

8. Old magazines

Old magazines that have been pored over time and time again can be thrown straight into the trash (paper recycling bin – of course!). It's a new year, treat yourself to some new reading material. 

9. Socks with holes

Holes in your socks equal holes in your life If your daily footwear is shabby, it will rub off on you in other ways. De-stress and get rid of holey undergarments, socks and accessories.

10. Broken and chipped crockery

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Broken and chipped crockery isn't helping anyone. Throw away anything that has lost its ability to carry out its main function, including utensils that have wobbly handles and cannot be fixed.

11. Dead or dying plants

You know those plants and herbs that died at least a month ago? That's right, it's time to throw them away. Start the year with fresh plants and take another shot at keeping them alive. 

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