7 elegant ways to create space in your small home

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7 elegant ways to create space in your small home

April Kennedy April Kennedy
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Space-saving strategies for small homes should be practical as well as aesthetically appropriate. This is because small homes require a light touch when it comes to the furnishings. As every interior decorator knows, a small home can be oh-so-easily overwhelmed by loud colours or clunky features.

So today, we'll present a collection of different ways to create space in a small home AND make it look elegant. Some are very simple and even mundane while others require a little more investment. But all do create that sense of light ease that makes for an elegant small home. Let's check them out!

1. Fold-out drying racks

A home may look wonderful when everything is packed away. But the reality is that your small home is a constant work in progress. That means things like plastic drying racks can easily clutter up a small laundry. It's far better to mount some fold-out drying racks on the wall.

2. Clever arrangement of furniture

An elegant room is often composed of a few simple lines of sight that have a sense of cohesion. This also helps free up the walkways and makes everything feel roomier. To create this look, it often helps to arrange the furniture in clusters. We love how the back of this sofa has been backed up against the second bench.

3. Place the dining table flush against the wall

Another common way to create a clear and simple design is by pushing the dining table up against the wall. This works really well if the table and wall have the same colour. This works particularly well in this little dining room.

4. Create a wash basin bench with a top mounted basin

Bathrooms are often the tiniest spaces in small homes. They can easily look and feel cluttered when you have a standard wash basin. It's far better to install a bench that runs from wall to wall, then add a top mounted wash basin. This adds that bit more bench and storage space because you're properly using the corners. The perfectly simple geometry of this kind of design is quite elegant too.

5. Use light and slim-line furniture

Perhaps the most important decorating tip is to use furniture with a slim design. It's particularly important to look at the base structure or legs. Pedestal style dining seating is good for this look. Also, try to avoid a base with a dark or heavy colour. Something in a light or metallic shade is often good.

6. Build furniture into the home

Refurbishment for Cristina & Juan Carlos Estudios y despachos modernos de Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos Moderno
Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Refurbishment for Cristina & Juan Carlos

Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

If you look DIY projects, work out how to eliminate clunky free standing furniture and build or place furniture so it seems to blend into the walls. White, generic style bookcases can be good for this look. Check out this little white home office for inspiration.

7. Built-in wardrobe

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Vestidores y Closets


For our final tip, we'll cover a classic solution – the built-in wardrobe. This style of bedroom storage works best when you have a cupboard that runs from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The look is minimalist, impossibly neat and of course – elegant.

For more home decorating ideas, have a look at 9 decorating tips that won't cost the earth.

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