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Properties sitting right smack on a slope and by the corner initially look so complicated, especially when you want to have a nice house built on them. If you're one who is facing that challenge then take this short trip to Tietê, São Paulo in Brazil where a charming house stands picturesque along a lush neighborhood. Read on to know why we're gushing over this work of Canatelli Architecture and Design.

Orange burst

Nestled comfortably in layered hues of orange paving, this quaint home looks like a house version of an orange! Like its fruit counterpart, it's dotted with an appealing contrast of textures from the pavement all the way to the roof. It looks like a happy burst of citrus colors. Its curvature further adds to its charm but is likewise downplayed by the structured side with the round attic window on top. 

Signs of beige

Constructing a house on a slope definitely poses a challenge but the architects managed to do well and even used the terrain as an advantage. This landing makes a suitable driveway to a garage. We also like how this wing took an a more subdued beige and smoother texture but it tames the brightness of the property, so it doesn't completely look like an orange that has come to life.

Mischievous front

The more stable and higher side of the house carries the main entrance and it looks deceivingly adorable. It gives the impression of a bungalow when it actually isn't one. Notice the combination of the brick and concrete surfaces here. The terracotta tiled roof somehow aiming to match the pavement but is interrupted by the all-green front landscape brings home this visual delicacy.

Kitchen dynamics

Featuring the barest essentials, this kitchen in earthy tones of green, orange, and brown connects with the house's exterior. The island counter here delights with its smooth wooden surface and an adjoining dark granite counter top. Look how adorable those two vintage-like bar stools are. The light fixtures here have also been placed along not-so-common areas like by that wooden shelving. We love how the top was placed with those cute little flowers. 

Taking cooking seriously, this house apparently allotted another space for a more modern-looking kitchen! And this blue just took our breaths away. This alternate kitchen is also fully-equipped with the necessities. It's white and blue with hints of grey combination truly sets it apart without looking like a confused portion of this house. In any case, we still hold that this was unexpected, but a wonderful surprise at that. 

Bridging the modern

When you've taken a peek at that blue kitchen before passing by this staircase, the latter's design would make more sense. Nonetheless, if you made it here first, you'll notice how the architects chose to depart slightly from the Mediterranean vibe of the facade. This one lands on the same ceramic tiled floor as the first kitchen and harmonizes with the wooden material going on, but the glass and steel balustrade brings this staircase to the now and possibly even to the future.

Minimalist hallway

The upper floor hallway inspires chic minimalism with this all-white coating and hardwood flooring. As an alternative, wooden vinyl can be used to achieve this flooring. Meanwhile, a side mirror and obscured compartment give an interesting twist to this hallway.

Wall details

Neutral brown flooring provides the best canvas for white and other colors like this pink one for a girl's bedroom! Tinkerbell with curlicues decals in a darker pink and grey are playful wall decorations that add character to this room.

Using murals like this ethereal forest makes this small bathroom look more interesting. Even so, it already looks sophisticated because of that pure white sink bowl, smooth wooden counter, and intricate ceramic tile floor. 

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