16 things every small bathroom needs

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16 things every small bathroom needs

Sandy Mauthner Sandy Mauthner
Baños de estilo  por Angelina Alekseeva
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If you have a small bathroom then you probably have a challenge on your hands when it comes to organizing finer details and having comfort as well as functionality. What you need is a handful of tricks that can make your small bathroom appear comfortable and interesting. It certainly doesn't have to be cramped just because it is short on space, with a few clever ideas you can make your bathroom design come alive and something to be proud of. Take a look and be inspired today!

1. Mosaic pattern as an eye catcher

Mosaic tiles are always interesting choice and a good example of throwing attention away from unnecessary challenges such as small space. Like here where it fits beautifully underneath the mirror.

2. Photographs

Baños de estilo  por Deeco

This tiny bathroom is absolutely elegant. The black and white theme is a wonderful idea and the photographs take the main focus.

3. Unusual walls

Different wall patterns and color set off this small bathroom to an advantage, the magazine rack is another funny detail which makes this bathroom unique. 

4. Green tiles

One tone for the whole room can make the room appear even smaller but it depends on the color. A good green color is like being in the fresh nature. You do not feel cramped, quite the opposite!

5. Mirror

Small bathroom such as this one is put in its best light with this amazing small mirror with its round dim light and the wood-type decorative wall.

6. Towel rack

Baños de estilo  por Definitive Interior Design
Definitive Interior Design

Chelsea Harbour Apartment

Definitive Interior Design

Heating towel rack is always a great idea in any bathroom, be it small or large. It dries the towels and serves good purpose as saving on space too!

7. Kaleidoscope design

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This type of vibrant design is perfect for tiny bathrooms which can't invent space in any way possible. It really takes up the whole attention away from that dilemma!

8. Clever shelves

A small bathroom favors these simple elegant shelves which are great space saving idea. Your towels can be rolled away underneath the sink and the stylish decoration is there!

9. Lighting

Lighting in the right space is great for small bathrooms. Such as here dim lights where the small cabinet make this type of wood simply shine!

10. Cabinets

A cabinet that you can hang up on the wall is also fantastic for small bathrooms. You can put away all the bathroom toiletries out of sight for definite neat effect!

11. Wooden floors

Floorers know that wooden floors have an ability to create a cozy ambiance whatever the room or design. In this example a small bathroom is positively radiant with this light wood blending nicely with the cream walls.

12. All in white

White color has many good attributes and it is a winner in many cases as it works with everything. A white bathroom can borrow space and give absolute freshness.

13. Marble

When a small bathroom such as this one has marble floors and walls then nothing else matters. It is incredibly luxurious and a remarkably classic design.

14. Storage idea

This is a very narrow bathroom and if not having such interesting choice of tiles it would be otherwise constricting. What is magical about it are these shelves made from tiles directly into the wall. Now who would think of that as a storage!

15. Vintage

Baños de estilo  por Grand Design London Ltd
Grand Design London Ltd

The Broadway, SW19 – Extension & Bathroom Renovation

Grand Design London Ltd

A touch of vintage can make a small bathroom full of charms. You think of Jane Austen here rather than being in narrow space, ravishing wallpaper and truly an original sink idea!

16. Large mirror


Baño secundario para los niños


A large mirror cheats space! Match it with this shabby chic cabinet and you have a winner! You never once bother yourselves with thoughts of being in a small bathroom!

If you want to know what are the current Bathroom trends then check this informative Ideabook!

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