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20 awnings and pergolas that will inspire you to put one in your patio

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The terrace and patio are some of the best environments of the home because they are multi-functional and provide us with plenty of space to relax, have fun and enjoy contact with nature.

To be able to enjoy these spaces to the maximum, we must equip them with protection from the sun, rain and other weather conditions. Awnings and pergolas can be perfect for this!

Remember, however, that these protections should not only be functional but they should also bring beauty to the decor of the environment. 

This is why today on homify, we have put together 20 inspiring ideas that are perfect for these spaces.

Shall we take a look?

1. In tune with the decor of the space

The choice of awning or tents will depend largely on the dimensions of the space and the decorative style that you want to go for. 

Here the choice of a black awning looks very modern and elegant and works in harmony with the colours of the furniture. It also contrasts beautifully with the white walls.

2. A spectacular tent

One advantage of tents or awnings is that they allows us to create additional and intimate environments on the patio or terrace. These little areas are cosy and protected.

This spectacular design shows us how decorative they can be!

3. Lightweight fabrics

This awning, designed by professionals Design for Love is simply lovely.

The lightness of the fabric and the combination of colours match the decor of the table. This is a very well thought-out design that shows beauty is in the details.

4. With a metal structure

http://eljardindeana.com/cenadores/418-pergola-de-pared-4-x-3-metros.html de El Jardín de Ana Clásico
El Jardín de Ana


El Jardín de Ana

This is a fixed awning but offers light coverage as well as a sense of elegance to this exterior space. This is a fresh and bright alternative that allows you to really make the most of your terrace.

5. For all members of the family

This tent is more modest in size, but is still quite sensational.

Fitted with a comfortable wicker sofa, colourful cushions and some pot plants, this is the perfect spot for relaxing for all members of the family.

6. With modern designs

This sail-style awning is very modern because it allows us to play around with shapes and designs, creating a very interesting look and feel.

7. Perfect for all styles

As you can see, this sail-style awning can be adapted to any decorative style and adds a very special touch.

8. PVC

This colourful awning is made of PVC and is very weather resistant! It is also durable and will last for many years to come.

9. Two in one

This design is fascinating because it represents two different functionalities depending on the need of the family at the time. If the curtains are closed, another little indoor area is created. During beautiful weather, the curtains can be opened to create a wonderful interaction with nature. 

10. A fixed awning

There are many styles and varieties when it comes to awnings. This fixed awning offers comfort because you don't have to do anything but sit down and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about the sun or rain.

Don't you love the minimalist style?

11. A romantic touch

This tent is located in the middle of the patio or terrace and gives the entire area a very romantic look with its delicate fabrics.

12. Modern and innovative

This is perfect for those with a more avant-garde taste. It's simply gorgeous!

13. Vibrant colours

As we've mentioned before, the tent or awning should also have a decorative function. A good option is to add colours so that you can fill this space with vibrancy and personality.

14. Or neutral colours

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If you prefer relaxation to be a priority in this space, maintain harmony with neutral colours like we see in this design.

15. Take a little nap

Tents offer privacy. Couldn't you imagine taking a little nap out here?

16. With a simple roof

This outdoor area has been decorated with a beautiful pergola, which allows light to flow into the exterior space. It is very pleasant and elegant. 

Have a look at how to build a pergola: a step-by-step guide.

17. Elegance and sophistication

This tent is sophisticated, modern and elegant. The black design works beautifully with the wood, offering warmth and charm.

18. Warm lights

This type of tent is designed so that you can take advantage of the terrace or patio at any time of the year. Don't forget to give it good lighting so that it is warm, cosy and inviting!

19. Few elements

This is a wonderful example of how you don't need a lot to create a beautiful outdoor area. Less can really be more!

20. The ideal choice

Whether a tent or an awning, these elements will guarantee the greatest enjoyment of a patio or terrace. It will also add personality and style.

This is an ideal option that could suit any style or needs. What more could you want?

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