15 pictures of entrance designs for your home

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15 pictures of entrance designs for your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Casa entre Arboles: Casas de estilo  por Enrique Cabrera Arquitecto
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Designing the entrance of your house can take a lot of thought especially if you are not an artistic individual. It is important to have a beautiful exterior to make a good impression on your guests and also as it is the best way to reflect your personality to others. 

To help you make your main entrance look more attractive here are 15 pictures that you can use as reference

1. Grand porch

If you have a big house then incorporating a grand porch into your entrance is the best way to make your please look beautiful. The easiest way to do this is by using designer tiles on the floor of the porch.

2. Stone walkway

For those who love natural looking things introducing stone slab walkway into the exteriors of your house is highly recommended. This walkway not only look amazing but is also ideal for places that have heavy rainfall.

3. Open parking

Another great entrance idea to keep in mind while designing your home is to make space for open shed parking. By doing so you will be able eliminate the use of main doors and it will also make your house look modern.

4. Lawn

One of the simplest ways to make your home exteriors look great is by laying out a small patch of lawn right in front of the house. The designer for this house has not used many plants in order to focus on the beauty of the house.

5. Focal wall

Fachada principal: Casas de estilo  por URBN

Fachada principal


By turning your main walls into focal walls you can transform the entire place in one move. These walls are easy to build and can be customized using any type of tiles or stones that you may like.

6. Flower bed

If you are someone who loves flowers then laying out a bed of flowers all the way up to your house can also be an excellent idea. It is ideal to use different types of flowers to make your entrance look even more beautiful.

7. Wooden facade

Casa Sorteo Tec No.191: Casas de estilo  por Arquiplan

Casa Sorteo Tec No.191


If you feel like being a little creative while designing your homes exterior than building similar looking wooden facades is also a thing to consider. These facades can be made by lining up different sized vertical wooden panels next to each other.

8. Floor to ceiling windows

Another great way to make your house look beautiful is by adding floor to ceiling windows where ever you can. These windows can make your house look modern and can also be a great way to incorporate natural light into the building.

9. Iron gates

Casa San Lorenzo: Casas de estilo  por Gestec

Casa San Lorenzo


If you're looking for a grand look for your house then using iron gates is something worth a shot. These gates can be customized and can incorporate any design that you like swirls and arrows.

10. Rustic look

For a rustic feel, building natural looking stone walls and sliding doors is highly recommended. They not only look amazing but are also durable as they are made of natural materials.

11. Farm style

If you love the feel of a farm then building a semi-dirt road all the way across your property is also a great idea. These roads are inexpensive to make and they also do not need much maintenance.

12. Elevated garden

Casas de estilo  por JUNOR ARQUITECTOS

Casa Martindale


For those of us who want to incorporate a Victorian style charm into our houses, building an elevated garden is something that you should try. These gardens can be situated 2 to 3 feet above the ground level and can be the perfect outdoor sitting spots.

13. Garden

Casas de estilo  por LLACAY arquitectos
LLACAY arquitectos

Clásica Colonial

LLACAY arquitectos

Including patches of lawns on both side of the road is also a great way to make your entrance look regal. You can also use natural stone planters to enhance the overall looks of your house.

14. Brick walls

If you are someone who wants to relive the old age charm than using bricks as the main material to construct your exteriors can be an excellent idea. Bricks not only look unique but they are also long lasting.

15. Double entrance door

Puertas y ventanas de estilo  por AZD Diseño Interior
AZD Diseño Interior

Puerta de entrada

AZD Diseño Interior

If you have a big property and are looking to incorporate main doors, then using similar looking double entrance system is advised. These doors are the best way to add a layer of security to your home.

Check out our other ideabooks for main entrance ideas. 

Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS

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