Fabulous ideas for covering your living room walls!

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Fabulous ideas for covering your living room walls!

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People tend to make a lot of snap decisions when designing their home, forgetting that it is often a good idea to take a good look at all of the available options before choosing what's right for them. When it comes to decorating, there is so much to consider. Designs, shapes, textures, colours – each of these elements can be the difference between so-so and stunning.

One of the biggest aspects of home design to consider is how to cover the walls. A lot of thought typically goes into making this decision, but so many possibilities are left unexplored. Most people think that the only options are paint or wallpaper. This could not be more wrong. Check out this creative selection of alternative wall coverings and be amazed by your living room's potential…

1. Wooden shingles

Reclaimed wood isn't just for furniture – it can be used to create a unique, beach house vibe in your living room. This cool new alternative to ceramic tiles forms a beautiful relief pattern and have a fun, rough and ready texture. Just beware of splinters!

2. A wood and granite mix

First of all, throw out the outdated notion that living room walls should be identical. Feature walls have long dominated contemporary design discourse, so play around with contrasting colours and textures to create a wall design that best reflects your personality.

The designers of this home have used wood paneling and a light granite covering to great effect in this sophisticated modern living room. However, the choice is not random. Both of the surfaces are cool and neutral in colour, and the smooth textures of both mean that there isn't too much of a clash of ideas.

3. A rough, detailed texture

Once upon a time, texture was a dirty word in home design. Not anymore! Get rid of those sleek, shiny walls and embrace a mixture of surfaces. This gorgeous, sandy wall covering is almost like a tough woolen fabric. It looks a little bit retro, a little bit boho, and totally 21st century

4. Concrete relief

The hip industrial look has been reinvented for sophisticated family homes, proving that concrete is good for more than just building garages or decorating cool converted warehouse lofts. 

Use buffed concrete panels to form a very light relief effect over one wall. Keep the rest of the room light and neutral, and cosy it up with blankets and cushions to prevent the overall effect from being too sterile.

5. A fitting foil

Casa Narigua : Salas de estilo  por P+0 Arquitectura
P+0 Arquitectura

Casa Narigua

P+0 Arquitectura

Metallics in home design have only recently come back into vogue, but not they're here to stay! Jump on the bandwagon by using thin copper or bronze panels to line the walls of your living room, and install recessed lighting in strategic places to ensure that polished metal really shines.

6. Standing stone

Stone walls aren't just for gardens. Ask a professional to build a solid, stylish partition wall in your open plan living space to section off different zones and add a sense of rustic mystery.

7. Give me shelter

Residencia R53: Salas de estilo  por Imativa Arquitectos
Imativa Arquitectos

Residencia R53

Imativa Arquitectos

Truly great design doesn't just make a home look beautiful – it also creates an ambience, a feeling of warmth and protection, a sense of security that only being safe at home can provide. 

Bring this feeling of contentment into your living room by choosing to work with warm colours and traditional textures. Wooden paneling, textured sandy walls and rustic stone can make even the most minimal living room feel safe and cosy.

8. Brick slabs

Ambientación / Atenuación de la iluminación : Salas de estilo  por PROENER

Ambientación / Atenuación de la iluminación


Brick walls work well in so many contexts. Try it out in a vintage style living room by mixing large red slabs with earth-toned retro furniture and quirky accessories.

9. Wallpaper that fools the eye

Papel Tapiz ARTE: Salas de estilo  por Interior 3
Interior 3

Papel Tapiz ARTE

Interior 3

If you have your heart set on wallpaper, don't go for the dull option – choose texture! 

There are so many innovative wallpapers on the market that offer relief patterns, velvet detailing and textured effects that it would be a crime against design to go for something smooth and featureless.

10. Neat panelling

Lámparas-Fotoambientes: Salas de estilo  por Class Iluminación
Class Iluminación


Class Iluminación

Wooden planks aren't just for floorboards – they're a great option for walls, too. Raise the style stakes to the next level by laying them in a uniform pattern to create a Nordic lodge style in your living room. Your neighbours will be green with envy!

11. A tapestry of colour

Fotomural colorido: Salas de estilo  por ESTUDIO TANGUMA

Fotomural colorido


Instead of choosing wallpaper, why not choose wall fabric? This textured backdrop has all the benefits of a patterned wallpaper, with the added bonuses of being texturised and warm. It can be a little tricky to apply, though – perhaps call a professional to help you out.

12. Delicate reliefs

I.K. House Mexico City: Salas de estilo  por Elías Arquitectura
Elías Arquitectura

I.K. House Mexico City

Elías Arquitectura

Take the traditional route and copy the elegant colonial design styles from bygone times. These delicate relief patterns enliven any dull white wall and make a room look sophisticated and timelessly classic.

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