19 beautiful wooden cabinets you can ask the carpenter to make for you

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19 beautiful wooden cabinets you can ask the carpenter to make for you

Stephanie Kirsten Stephanie Kirsten
Vestidores y Closets de Interioriza Clásico
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Storage, storage, storage. Everyone needs one, but only the chosen few have one. Storage is especially important in small homes that do not have the luxury of large floor area. So, for this ideabook, we have compiled 19 stylish cabinet models that will perfectly suit your storage needs in that beautiful home of yours.

Simple open shelf cabinet

Vestier / Closet Vestidores modernos de Espacio al Cuadrado Moderno
Espacio al Cuadrado

Vestier / Closet

Espacio al Cuadrado

If you want to save on floor space, you might want to consider this wardrobe model with minimal design and natural shades of wood. The open shelf system is both useful and appealing to customers in terms of storing and exhibiting their prized possessions.

Wooden cabinets with different colors and textures

Cocinas y closet de Softlinedecor Moderno

Cocinas y closet


The great advantage of wood is that you can

use different colors and textures according to your taste. Whatever your heart desires, a good carpenter can get you the cabinet you want

Consult an expert here!

Let it slide

Sliding door models are especially suitable for small and narrow spaces. They are also ideal for wardrobe or cupboard designs.

It’s in the details

Vestidores y Closets de Interioriza Clásico

Vestidores y Closets


It is possible to make a big and boring cabinet turn into a fabulous one by including intricate details to your cabinet.

Traditional cabinet with a touch of style

You can meet your storage needs with a wide mounted wardrobe designed with stylish lines.

​For the kiddos (and kiddos at heart)

Vestidores y Closets de Interioriza Clásico

Vestidores y Closets


Designed as a library and work desk as well as a wardrobe, this model is ideal for children's rooms.

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“They see me rollin’, they hatin’”

Mobility of furniture is an important factor to consider especially if you are a frequent mover. You can make your work easier by designing your cabinet model with wheels to make moving easy-peasy.


Clóset sencillo en laminado Wengué. de La Fustería - Carpinteros Minimalista
La Fustería – Carpinteros

Clóset sencillo en laminado Wengué.

La Fustería - Carpinteros

This design is perfect for those who have those tight spaces to spare for their cabinets. This is the epitome of storage solution!

​Small room? No problem!

You can adjust the size according to your needs, but just a tip! If you want a good cabinet, you might want to consider designing a side-by-side wardrobe for small and narrow rooms to maximize your storage space.

​Modern + Mahogany

Málaga 01 Vestidores mediterráneos de homify Mediterráneo

Málaga 01


This modern wardrobe will allow you to create a warm atmosphere through its warm-toned mahogany color that perfectly complements white walls.

​The Perfect Fit

This cabinet model creates the illusion of large space simply because it fit perfectly to this corner of the house. Look at those compartments though. This will get you bragging about storage for days!

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You can evaluate the texture and color of your cabinet to ensure harmony among all your furniture. Remember, all goes when it comes to interior design, but you wouldn’t want to end up with a hot mess of a home!

​Hang those clothes!

Las Palomas Vestidores modernos de NODO Arquitectura Moderno

If most of your clothes need to be hung (yes, believe it or not you can’t just throw everything in your drawer), this awesome piece is perfect for you.

Vivid and bright

A flashy color scheme isn’t all bad. Remember, what matters most is harmony in your furniture choices!

​Yin Yang effect

Vestidores modernos de homify Moderno Mármol

This cabinet model with sliding doors encapsulates functionality and aesthetics a.k.a. the yin yang of furniture-building.


The Three Cusps Chalet Vestidores eclécticos de Tiago do Vale Arquitectos Ecléctico
Tiago do Vale Arquitectos

The Three Cusps Chalet

Tiago do Vale Arquitectos

Have you ever wondered how you can use that  vacant area in your house that is too small for certain pieces of furniture due to the sloped roof? You may want to consider this cupboard design. It is completely functional plus, a new storage space wouldn’t hurt anyone, no?

​Frosted glass and wood

Vestidores y Closets de Interioriza Clásico

Vestidores y Closets


If you are devoting the entire wall to storage systems you might as well use this model, which uses mainly frosted glass and wood.


The white wardrobe model with an open hanger system is perfect for those who want to keep it simple and practical. No frills, just absolute functionality perfect for yuppies who do not have all the time in the world to figure out where they last placed their favorite jacket.

​Dressing room fit for a queen

Dressing room fit for a queenA walk-in closet that can store all your stylish clothes? Check!

A shoe rack that can showcase your exquisite taste on shoes? Check!

This cabinet is perfect for all of the fashionistas out there who need all the space they can get to store their valued OOTD’s.

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas modernas de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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