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A heavenly clean and shiny kitchen

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We all want a clean and shiny kitchen, don’t we?  But before we go into details on how to keep our kitchen spotless, let’s have a small discussion on why we should.

Cleanliness and organisation go hand-in- hand. They're two concepts that can be used interchangeably. Therefore, in the absence of cleanliness, the surrounding environment tends to fall into chaos. We have all been there, incapable of finding something we desperately need amongst piles of mess.

But in the kitchen cleaning goes beyond organisation because, as it's the room where we prepare our food, good hygiene dictates thorough cleanliness. Unfortunately, the kitchen has many adversaries against cleanliness. Fat, burnt food, spillages and dirt, to name only a few. These are problems that must be tackled in the name of hygiene, as well as prolonging the life of your appliances.

With all of this in mind, we decided to offer you some tips on how to keep your kitchen clean and shiny.

Don’t forget to take notes and, as always, be inspired!

1. Make the stove shine

The stove is a haven for stuck on mess and spillages so making it shine can be a difficult task. If you have a gas stove, you need to take off any removable parts. Place them on a newspaper outside and spray them well with an industrial cleaner (you should allow the spray to sit for hours). Then, dipp them in warm, soapy water and scrub them with a scourging pad.  

The fuel ports and knobs can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and then wiped clean with a damp sponge. If you have a ceramic stove, things are a lot easier. You can make a homemade cleaning solution out of baking soda and water, spray it on the ceramic top and, after letting it sit for half an hour, scrub the uncleanliness off.

2. Don't forget the oven

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The oven is one of the vital organs of the kitchen’s system and keeping it clean must be a regular exercise. After each use you can dip a cloth in warm water and remove residual fat. Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the water can help eliminate odours.  

The difficult part of cleaning an oven is the racks as they are usually covered with burnt food. After you have removed them from the oven, use an industrial cleaner or baking soda and brush thoroughly with a cloth. It’s best to avoid metal scourging pads as the tough fibres can carve through the coating of your oven racks.   

As for the glass oven door, you can eliminate any grease by creating a homemade solution. The grease-cutting mixture only requires a cup of baking soda and ½ a cup of water. Stir them until they become a paste and then apply it on the glass door. In a matter of 15 minutes, you can scrape most of the debris off with a spatula before using a damp cloth to wash away the paste. The end result will be a shining oven!

3. A clean microwave

Unlike the oven and the stove, cleaning the microwave is a much easier task. Just place a glass of water with lemon and turn the microwave onto full throttle for about 3 minutes. The food stuck on the inside of the microwave will fall off and you can swipe it with a cloth.  

The lemon tainted water will leave a lingering citrus odour in your microwave. Can you smell it?  Don’t forget to clean the fans as they tend to draw dirt. Simply use a damp cloth. As for the door, you can apply the same baking soda paste you used for the oven door.

4. Whisk the mixer

Digestive disturbances and eggs have a very distinctive similarity: unpleasant odours. When it comes to eggs, the food mixer is the most frequent victim of the rotten smell. So, for your mixer’s sake it's best if you clean it regularly. The carafe is usually an easy task – just use warm, soapy water. 

If you use the mixer with foods that have a strong smell, squeeze a few drops of lemon into the carafe and then wash them away. That should take care of the unpleasant odours. As for the blades, it's important to avoid contact with water otherwise you run the risk of oxidation. Simply clean them with a damp cloth.

5. A shiny fridge

The fridge is another appliance that requires tactical cleaning. As a first step, conduct a weekly cleaning session and try to wipe away spills immediately. The door can be cleaned with warm and soapy water.  

The worst enemy of fridges is without doubt, bad smells. Leaving leftovers in open containers or expired food in the fridge will foster nasty pongs. Make sure to get air-sealed containers and throw away anything past its due date. A good use of expired food is to use it in a compost.  

Another remedy for unpleasant smells is coffee. You can place a spoonful of coffee in a bowl inside the fridge and it will absorb any unpleasant odours. You will probably notice that there is a lingering coffee smell after you removed the bowl but it too will soon disappear.

6. Tea anyone?

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Finally, cleaning kettles will be the easiest task for a shiny kitchen. As you have probably noticed there is usually scaling in the kettle formed by mineral deposits. This scaling can often slow down the process of heating for your kettle so cleaning it is an important part of its maintenance.  

A simple way to clean your kettle is with a solution of vinegar and water. Just fill the kettle up to ¾ with the solution and bring it boil. Then let the solution sit in the kettle for half an hour and rinse it with water. You will find out that there is a leftover smell of vinegar in the kettle so to eliminate it, boil water a few times.  

So, there you have it! Easy ways to maintain a clean and shiny kitchen and buy your appliances a few more years of life.

For more helpful advice, don't miss how to: Keep Your Kitchen Equipment As Good As New.

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