Low-cost prefab house: 360-degree tour of this stunning home

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Low-cost prefab house: 360-degree tour of this stunning home

Vartika Gupta Vartika Gupta
Casas modernas de A-kotar Moderno
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In recent years, prefabricated houses have become very popular. With the increasing interest of home buyers  this rapid prototyping house has already started a boom in the market. There are many styles available in the market, but today we are going to show you a bright and beautiful low cost prefabricated house, inside out. Located in the blue sky and green grass embracing the ground, it's beautiful 360-degree dead-end appearance is very attractive, and the interiors are even more stunning than the exteriors. Lets us have a look.

Beautiful appearance

Casas modernas de A-kotar Moderno

The building is located in a picturesque area, which makes it look all the more beautiful. With white lines creating a simple and neat style, decorated with wooden walls and black window frames, and then with a large area of transparent glass, the surrounding scenery will be visible from right inside the house. 

Another point of view

Casas modernas de A-kotar Moderno

When you look at it from the side, you can see seemingly square building blocks, with simple lines and shapes. Although this area is tightly covered, without any windows, but the large mirrors on the front more than makes up for it. This prefab house is what people are calling the best little house on the block.

Picturesque scene

Casas modernas de A-kotar Moderno

As you zoom out, you can see a more versatile design. The house has a bungalow style lined living space, combined with green outdoors to allow leisure time, unifying comfort and beauty. Surrounded by small terraces and trails design, flowers and plants, the house looks picturesque when you look at it from a distance. Here is a perfect prefab home for your family.

Bedroom space

Dormitorios modernos de A-kotar Moderno

The design of the master bedroom is very retro and classy. Brown neutral colors, exude a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Wall decorated with black and white photographs, and classical, and unconventional hanging lights echo each other. The checkered carpet on the ground blends well with the room and adds beauty. Here are 10 most soothing color combinations for your bedroom

Equipped with entertainment features

Dormitorios modernos de A-kotar Moderno

Equipped with an LCD TV on the wall in front of the bed, the house allows comfortable viewing while lazing in your bed. There is a simple cabinet below the television set, blending well in the color scheme of the room, the movable floor lamp is a highlight to the room, which gives the flexibility to add focus to any element in the room. 

Another room

Dormitorios modernos de A-kotar Moderno

This room is also designed with great style. A simple bed, with large checkered upholstery, a small checkered carpet on the ground in subtly contrasting colors add drama to this otherwise simple and calm room.The cute pictures on the wall with a fun lighting, it is a great room to enjoy reading a book right in the bed.

Equipped with multi-functional cabinet

Dormitorios modernos de A-kotar Moderno

On the other side of the bed is a multi-function cabinet, combined with audio-visual, storage and display in one, called the most practical design of the small room! Here is another beautiful cabinet design, that you might like.

If you are looking for a prefab house design, you would find some good inspiration in these 6 adorable prefab houses

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