A beautiful vacation home with a picturesque view

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Duo Arquitetura Casas rurales Acabado en madera
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Nestled on a mountain top overlooking a magnificent scenery of natural wonders, this eccentric yet cozy home is the perfect getaway property for any home lover! Whether you’re wishing for intimate moments with your loved one or planning to host family reunions away from the city, this exquisite home will definitely not disappoint you.

We all get tired at some point of living in the city center – seeing tall skyscrapers, busy bus stations, vehicles that crowd the streets, and even the polluted sky that hinders the beauty of the stars. Take a break, escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy a getaway with nature. Be in awe with this vacation home in its striking location.

Modern country charm

Can we all take a moment and be amused with this grand, remarkable property? This beauty oozes with country features that make the home feeling cozy and comfy and modern characteristics that create a sleek contrast. With its shades of brown and stone-paved accents, this house truly is proud to show its classic country charm. Aside from its natural environment, this property is also surrounded by pretty plantings and free-standing wooden decor that adds a countryside feel.

Impeccable lines and angles

Speaking of the property’s sleek contrast, this vacation home exudes flawless edgy lines and angles that make the home dwellers feel like they’re living in a statement piece of art. The house is even rested on a mezzanine-like platform, as the terrace is actually leveled above the ground. All the components seem to be a perfect match with other – from the slanting sloped roof with paneled wood underneath to the geometrical wooden sidings of the large windows – classy and modern indeed!

A beauty during sunset

With this homey sanctuary in the midst of the greenery and mountains, this view couldn’t get any prettier. This vacation home blooms at its best during the rising and setting of the sun. Just look at how the neutral palette, bold materials, and bright lighting fixtures compliment the colors of the sunset – truly breathtaking!

Classic, homey interiors

Enjoy the perfect family dinner with your loved ones with this cozy dining setting. With wooden furniture that warms up the interiors, you’ll surely feel comfortable sharing intimate talks and fun conversations with the family.

This antique cabinet even keeps all your glassware for whatever party you’d like to host. Heavy beige drapes keep the dining area close and bosom too. Plus, this intricate lighting fixture sets the mood for any family dinner.

Perfect for family gatherings

Get ready to cook delicious party meals good for the whole clan in this wide kitchen area. Offering a whole lot of space in the kitchen counters, you’ll definitely enjoy prepping up a banquet-like meal for the family. Who ever said one refrigerator is enough? – store fresh items stocked in classic designed fridges. Also, keep room temperature goodies in these white-painted drawers and cabinets.

Striking scenery

The beauty of this property doesn’t stop from its striking facade and elegant interiors – this picture says it all. Enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery of the mountains from this relaxing and tranquil terrace spot. Add lounging chairs, chaises, and comfy pillows for a peaceful dawn-breaking moment with nature.

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