10 home makeover ideas you can totally do!

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10 home makeover ideas you can totally do!

Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify
Magma Towers: Recámaras de estilo  por GLR Arquitectos
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Take a good look at your house and ask yourself How long has it been since I last redecorated my house? While a house's main function is to provide a place for sleep, rest, relaxation, dining, comfort, and family bonding, a house's total curb appeal instantly changes the concept on a whole other level. 

Keeping your house in perfect shape is an essential necessity some homeowners tend to underestimate. Tour around the areas of your property and check what improvisations and decorating improvements you can do. Don't know where to start? Scroll down and check out these 10 makeover tips for your home!

1. Spice up your rooms

Magma Towers: Recámaras de estilo  por GLR Arquitectos
GLR Arquitectos

Magma Towers

GLR Arquitectos

The easiest yet most fun makeover idea you can do to your home is redecorating your rooms even in small upgrades. If you get tired of the same neutral backdrop you wake up to every morning, then why not splash a bold paint color on an accent wall? This bedroom design features a bright fuchsia wall that speaks a lot about the hone dweller's personality -- bold, eccentric, and loud! Personalize your bedroom with your color of choice, while still keeping in mind the other elements of the room. 

Painting a new color doesn't only work for bedrooms. Check out the best colors to use for each room in your home!

2. Organize your valuables

A smart makeover tip you can easily do is organizing and re-assembling the things cluttered in your home. It's not as hard as it sounds, you just need a checklist of things you want to organize per category. 

If you feel that your handbags are all over the place and get dusted in the past few years, then you may consider of installing a bag rack on your wall. This design features an organized area for bag and accessories storage. 

3. Incorporate functionality

Escaleras de estilo  por Conely

Escalera/estantería de madera


As time goes by, you may start to realize that you need an extra room for a study area for the kids or simply a small work space for yourself. You don't need an extension for that -- simply find a potential area for this and incorporate functionality into it!

Check out this smart and convenient design by Conely where a small work area is structured beneath the staircase. Such a brilliant design!

4. Make use of your outdoor spaces

As the family grows bigger and more relatives visit your humble home, you may want to plan about designing ideas for your outdoor spaces. A back patio is an excellent area where you can furnish rustic seating areas for that cozy, warm ambience. Surround your outdoor living spaces such as potted plants and flowers too!

If you have the budget, opt for a total makeover by paving the ground with stone tiles or concrete. 

5. It's time for a personal closet!

Vestidores y closets de estilo  por VETTA GRUPO

Vestidor a medida en madera de haya y lacado blanco


We talked about organizing valuables such as bags and accessories earlier. If you're aiming for a greater change to your rooms and if you have the extra space, why not built your own dressing room? That way you'll have a better chance of seeing and deciding what outfit to wear today!

6. Plant more greens

A house is never complete without the feature of a few greenery here and there. Upgrade your property by adding a lot more greens! Make use of your front and back yard by planting an array of pretty blooms. Decorate your interiors by flourishing more succulents and hanging plants. The ideas are endless when it comes to choices for home plants and flowers!

7. Renovate any crack and dents

Casas de estilo  por RenoBuild Algarve
RenoBuild Algarve

Renovación de Fachadas / Reparación de Grietas, Fisuras

RenoBuild Algarve

Here's where the more technical issues arrive. After a few years, you definitely have to inspect the areas of your house especially the interior and exterior walls. Check for cracks and dents even if these are small ones. When you notice damages, immediately contact professionals that are experts in renovation. They may refurbish your walls with a drastic repair job or simple wall cover-ups and paint coatings. 

8. Change your decor from time to time

As simple as it may be, revamping your home decor can actually bring a big change to the interiors of your house. Store the knick knacks and vintage photographs and replace them with dainty and chic picture frames. Your guests will certainly feel a different vibe and aura to the house ever time they visit!

9. Solar panels for the long run

Your original roofing may have lasted for two decades or more, but with today's advanced technology, it's definitely time to go unto greater heights with your roofing options. Go home or go big with the installation of a solar roof! Solar panels contain cells that convert light from the sun into usable electricity that you can immediately use in your home. Be sure to hire a professional solar energy contractor and get started on your roofing project!

10. Consider a home gym

Gimnasios de estilo  por Bronx

With months or even years of regularly going to the gym and missing out a few sessions because of your busy schedule, you may need to consider of saving an extra area in your house and turn it into a small home gym! Convenient and reliable!

Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS

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