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Maintaining your wood has never been easier

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If you are lucky enough to have purchased a home that has a plethora of original wood in it, we bet you have some gorgeous roof trusses on show! Exposed beams are an interior design dream and we don't think they will ever go out of style, but how can you maintain them to ensure they always look their best?

We have some great ideas for getting the most from your wooden beams, so take a look and see if we have suggested anything that you could put into practice and don't forget; if you have bought a listed property, you might not be able to remove them, even if they are damaged, so prevention is better than cure!

Identify your wood types

Before you start reaching for the carpentry tools and wood stain, take a moment to try and accurately identify exactly what type of material your wooden beams are constructed from. This will help you in the future if pests become a problem, as many are variety-specific and you will be able to quickly identify them.

If you have stunning beams, such as those seen here from O.Ho, You will want to protect their longevity. Take a look at your survey notes, as that might give you a clue as to what type of wood you have in your home, then read up on the best salves to treat it.

Repair sympathetically

If your wooden beams become a little tired or show signs of needing repair, regardless of if you have a listed property or not, we always think you should try to do minimal repairs and keep them sympathetic. Take into account the age of the house and the way all the wood has been joined together originally and then, you will have a far more organic method for repairing it.

Embracing old fashioned techniques might seem like a lot of work, but if you want to protect the wood and maintain the original charm of your home, it is step worth taking, plus, you might learn a new skill!

Re-use if you can't repair

If you come across any wooden beams that absolutely cannot be repaired and need to be replaced, we don't think you should be too quick to throw them away. With a little upcycling and some imagination, you could still find a use for discarded beams in your home.

Take a look at this lovely living room mantlepiece. The shelf has been made from an old beam and we think it looks absolutely beautiful. Even with woodworm holes and an uneven finish, the rustic and period correct charm that it brings is undeniable. 

Treat it regularly

Once you know what type of wooden beams you have in your home, you can start researching into the best ways to maintain them. You could even speak to an expert at a local timber yard about this, as they will know exactly what kinds of treatments will suit your particular beams.

Whether you need to wax all of your wood once a year or apply a coat of varnish once every decade, it isn't worth scrimping on. Not only are wooden beams a lovely visual feature, they are a vital architectural one too, so look after them!

Take into account your environment

When you have wooden beams in an environment that might not necessarily be very conducive to wood maintenance, you need to get even more specific about the treatments that you apply. We are talking particularly about moisture-rich spaces, such as bathrooms.

While wood looks great in every room, it can demand a little extra care and attention in certain spaces, so be sure to embrace that. For wet rooms, keeping them well ventilated will always be a good idea and finding a suitable waterproof stain will be a great preventative measure as well.

Plan your maintenance in advance

Once you know what type of wooden beams you have in your home, the kind of maintenance they require and the frequency with which you should tackle that, you can start to schedule your wood care regimen well in advance.

Don't see it as a chore; think of it as a positive way to thank your wood for keeping a roof over your head and a stunning aesthetic before your eyes. Giving back to your home is something we think more people should start doing, so why not start today?

For more interior wood inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Incorporating Wood Into Your Home. There's more you can do than just exposing some beams!

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