5 reasons why you should choose high-gloss kitchen cabinets

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As far as expert cabinetry professionals go, Zingana Kitchens is considered one of the country’s finest professional Kitchen Planners. Located in Johannesburg, Zingana Kitchens has been supplying high-class style to the hearts of South African homes since 2010. Devoted clients have come to know and love the company’s unique and original kitchen designs and installations, built-in kitchen cupboards, custom-made vanities, bespoke hand-crafted furniture, and custom office fittings. 

And speaking of kitchens, if there is one way to make a huge impact on your cooking space’s overall look, it’s with a fresh cabinet finish. Over the past few years, more and more homeowners and designers have opted for high-gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets that ensure a dramatic visual appeal. 

Let’s take a look at the five advantages of choosing glossy kitchen cabinets.

1. High-gloss kitchens reflect light

The high-gloss trend seems to be as popular as it was when it first became in vogue in the 1970s. High-gloss cabinet doors flaunt a shiny finish that reflects light, which is one of the most popular reasons gloss kitchen units remain in style. 

By reflecting light, those high-gloss kitchen cabinets’ shiny finish helps to make a space seem bigger, brighter and more open – making it the ideal choice for smaller kitchens and/or culinary corners that don’t get a lot of natural light.  

2. High-gloss kitchens are really easy to clean

The less time it takes to clean something, the more homeowners love it! And here is another area where high-gloss kitchen cabinets score major points.

Just keep in mind that the acrylic material can be scratched and marked by any abrasive material, like wire wool or rough cloths. Thus, when cleaning your high-gloss cabinetry, you always use a soft cloth. 

3. High-gloss kitchens have a range of colours

Not too sure about that stark white? Then simply choose another colour! High-gloss finishes provide a wealth of options, from lighter shades and monochrome to bright, bold, sophisticated colours, meaning that whatever colour palette you have in mind for your dream kitchen, you are bound to find the perfect tint for those new shiny surfaces. 

4. High-gloss kitchens require little maintenance

Apart from requiring little cleaning, high-gloss kitchen cabinets basically require no maintenance when compared to other options such as timber. They don’t need any sealing or treating, plus offer fantastic waterproof qualities right from the start.

5. High-gloss kitchens are timeless

Trends come and go, especially in the kitchen. But glossy kitchen cabinetries have proven to be a classic choice, proven by the fact that this style has been popular since the 1970s. So, don’t worry about people whispering that your shiny surfaces might be too retro for the 21st century – it’s the ideal option for your new kitchen revamp!

The disadvantages of a high-gloss kitchen

No matter where in South Africa you shop for kitchen cabinets, high-gloss designs, as striking as they can be, will always have a few drawbacks to them.

• Light reflection: As so much light reflects on those glossy surfaces, the tiniest bit of dirt, smudges and scratches are highlighted. And remember that the darker the colour of your gloss kitchen units, the more noticeable those imperfections will be. 

• Cleaning: Of course your kitchen will need to be cleaned much more regularly to help hide those smears and smudges, especially if you have little ones with sticky fingerprints running around. 

• Costs: That luxurious look of your built-in kitchen’s glossy style doesn’t come cheap, so be prepared to spend a few thousand rands if you can’t live without those high-gloss kitchen cabinets.

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