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Raising the roof with your terrace

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When in doubt, go up and out! Today we take a look at some amazing roof terrace designs that we know will inspire you to think twice about your empty rooftop space. Can you make a stunning sociable zone work up there and if you can, what will you put on it? We have all the answers for you!

From a dining area to the perfect barbecue cook's paradise, we have some great ideas as to what you can put on your new roof terrace so take a look and see if anything appeals to you. After all, garden patios are so ordinary… don't you want to push the boat out and be a bit different? 

Install a pergola

The higher up you build the closer to sunburn you can get so if you are considering a roof terrace, make sure that you also pause to think about adding a pergola. It offers shade when you need it and is the perfect cover for rainy days in the UK.

We are in love with this lovely house-adjacent pergola from Formaementis as it shows just how elegant they can look and what a complementary addition they are to any home. This is a wonderful year-round roof terrace and we can imagine stargazing long into the night here.

Create an al fresco dining area

Why have a roof terrace if you aren't going to include all the necessary additions to be able to enjoy the space? We really believe that an al fresco dining area is the perfect way to accessorise a new rooftop gathering spot and opens up a world of party possibilities too.

Imagine having a stunning view from your roof and inviting family and friends over to share dinner with you from the perfect viewing platform. What a treat! We also think that breakfast up on the roof feels so continental and classy that we would do it everyday, come rain or shine!

Add comfortable seating

Interiorismo para residencia en Altozano Morelia Balcones y terrazas modernos de Dovela Interiorismo Moderno
Dovela Interiorismo

Interiorismo para residencia en Altozano Morelia

Dovela Interiorismo

Part of the joy of a roof terrace is being able to look out across a stunning view so why not make it easy for yourself and make sure that you install some wonderfully cosy, all weather seating on your new high-up addition? You don't want to be uncomfortable, do you?

We think this example is super, complete with some potted plants, as it really makes the space feel like the perfect garden alternative and encourages relaxed comfort in the sun. We wonder if we could get away with a spot of sunbathing up here…

Give the floor some pizazz

Proyecto para Terraza Departamento Oriana Balcones y terrazas eclécticos de Sandra Molina Ecléctico
Sandra Molina

Proyecto para Terraza Departamento Oriana

Sandra Molina

If you have sought to build yourself a new roof terrace in a bid to overshadow a lack of traditional garden space, why not think of it in totally comparable terms and add some beautiful decking to the floor? After all, when the weather is gorgeous you probably won't have shoes on, so think ahead.

We love parquet in all of its forms as it naturally adds a touch of class to any area but as an outdoor flooring technique, high up on a rooftop, we can't help but think it is the ideal touch of luxury. While most people will stick to a concrete floor or maybe some standard decking, why not go the extra mile?

Make it an extension of the main house

Town Houses Zibatá Balcones y terrazas minimalistas de Tectónico Minimalista

Town Houses Zibatá


Imagine building a roof terrace that is so gorgeous and tied into your home interior design scheme that you want to properly welcome it into the main house. Well, that is totally possible with the addition of full width sliding doors.

Blurring the line between what is inside and outside the house, sliding doors make for the ideal integration of gorgeous external details and actually makes the house itself feel even bigger, as though it has an extra room attached to it. What a cool alternative to a bricks and mortar extension!

Create your ideal cooking area

view of sink, BBQ and fridge Jardines clásicos de wood-fired oven Clásico
wood-fired oven

view of sink, BBQ and fridge

wood-fired oven

If you are a super keen cook that loves to barbecue and enjoy al fresco dining, your new roof terrace will be the perfect location for the dream cooking set up that you have long been imagining. Don't try to tell us you haven't pictured it.

This amazing corner outdoor kitchen must be the dream for so many grilling fanatics and we can totally see why. With excellent food prep areas, sink and a state-of-the-art barbecue, we wonder if the regular kitchen ever gets used. It's a great addition to a rooftop terrace designed for entertaining, we're sure you agree!

For more al fresco dining inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Revamp Your Al Fresco Dining! If you love socialising in your garden, we have some great ideas for your outdoor space.

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