Fall 2020 Home Decor Trends

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Interior decoration trends change as seasons changes and you may not have to do major overhauls to meet current season trends as few key inputs and removals can set the right mood for fall. While summer brings in bright sunny colors with cheerful hues, fall and winter usually season are signified by earthy tones and rich textures that evoke warmth. Top decoration experts feel that this year lighting, fabrics and several other details will play an active role in setting trends for fall. Find these ideas here along with some of our inputs that can help you become the fall trendsetter in your neighborhood. 

1. Indigo blue

Classic indigo blue will play a big part during this fall season specifically with white and multiple shades of navy.

2. Cozy seating arrangements

With winter on the horizon every home needs cozy seating facilities. In this modern living room the deep beige sofa is supported with cozy cushions while semi circular mini sofa chairs form a perfect twosome partnership.

3. Lighting arrangement in layers

Layered lighting in this open floor region dramatically separates the public and private regions of the house highlighting each space. When the dining or kitchen regions are not being used just turn off the overhead lights and just turn on the chandelier in the living room to get the dreamy effect. 

4. In with nature

In these stressful times when human interaction has reduced and people are confined to home it is best to fill the surroundings with soothing elements that offer calming effect. Indoor plants and seasonal flower arrangements in every part of the house provide an atmosphere of excitement and happiness.

5. The rustic brick wall

Exposed bricks in different parts of the house are a design trend that will never go out of fashion and this fall they are back pushing tiles and wallpaper to the backseat. Unfinished walls with just simple whitewash give a stylish finish to industrial style bedroom like here as they provide raw touch to minimalist interiors.

6. Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture which was limited to gardens and patios are now finding their own space indoors in Fall 2020 Home Decor Trend. Rattan sofas, settees, poufs and even stools and center tables are available in woven rattan at all decor retailers of repute. Decorators say that if buyers are not able to buy rattan pieces of their choice in store they can use reclaimed rattan furniture lying around in the garage.

Let us now explore bathroom trends of 2020.

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