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Da Nang Booking – Than Tai Mountain

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Thanks to that, you can comfortably bathe in the right style of Japanese onsen and enjoy absolute relaxation. Not abroad, it's still easy to bathe Japanese standard onsen right in Quang Ninh - Photo 9. Because it's on the top of the mountain So the climate here is very pleasant. This way also has the beauty of it because of the time and schedule freedom

if you want to go by bus then note the time of the bus and it is better to contact earlier to confirm. . So traveling to God of Fortune Mountain is always great. There is a special thing about the water source in the god of wealth and completely different from the mineral water being sold on the market (that salt water is carefully processed and purified to become pure)

sounds quite strange, but in addition to being an indispensable drink for many people, coffee also contains antioxidants to help fade skin blemishes such as dark spots, dark spots, dark spots. , melasma, ... moreover, the faint smell of coffee also helps your spirit to relax and gently. Hoi An Tour to Than Tai Mountain The flowers blooming together in the sunlight. the clear blue sky with floating white clouds. Coming to the mountain of genius hot spring park, you will enjoy services from a professional team, operated by experts from Japan, which is known as the home of hot mineral water

< p> The mountain of god of wealth is considered a precious gift that the nature has bestowed on tourism in Danang. You can also buy more drinks and food in the service areas of the resort. This is also the beauty secret of Egyptian queen cleopatra from thousands of years ago

water park The water park here is quite large with many games for you to enjoy. Car and tour guide will take you to the original pick up point, end of the 1 Day Nui Than Tai Tour Time to return to the original meeting point: 16h30-15h00 depending on the location in Da Nang Food menu - Nui Than Tai Hien Tour At Nui Than Tai, there is only 1 Red Dragon restaurant serving tourists. Photo: Yoko Onsen If you come to the Central region, it is difficult to miss Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park in Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Da Nang with a cool year-round climate thanks to the immense mountains surrounding forests and hot mineral springs. featured

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