Eight Interesting Home Office Ideas

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Eight Interesting Home Office Ideas

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Departamento GC: Estudios y oficinas de estilo  por kababie arquitectos
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People who work from home generally tend to keep their work space in the dining area or the bedroom that has little scope for privacy. But several professionals like writers and artists who have  no option but to work from home can create private workspaces in their own house by either refurbishing an empty room or creating work spaces out of spare corners or under staircases. This cozy space can be a work station during the day and a study area for children in the evenings. Here are some innovative ideas that can be adopted to suit individual convenience and make changes depending on availability of space.

Private Cozy Alcove

Got an unused corner in the house or a dead end corridor that is used as a storage space for
junk? Well clear that area and paint it in this bright tone of brown and white with side walls in neutral tones. A couple or more of attractive framed pictures of family or landscapes on the walls will add color and vitality to the area. Affix one or two shelves on the wall according to requirement and refurbish an old table for use as a workstation. If more storage space is required a chest of drawers can also be affixed below the table. Get a bright overhead light and a smaller table lamp for better focus while working on the table. Throw in a comfortable chair to complete the work room.

Hidden Nook

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El Escritorio


This smartly designed worktable can be placed in a quiet corner under the staircase or an empty corner of the dining area. The storage drawers with lock will provide privacy while the wide surface will provide sufficient space to keep a large laptop and workbooks on the side. Place a small potted plant of lucky bamboo or jungle rose for a bit of color to the table. Now there will be enough space on the side to hold an attractive table lamp and a pen holder cum table calendar.

Peace and quite

This is a private work space ready to help the user organize thoughts into pen and paper. The brilliant white closet with enormous storage space has been given the form of an extended table with a metal frame supporting rectangular glass slab. An office chair completes the ensemble. Add serenity to area with an artificial metal planter one corner of the table and a table lamp to match the décor. If natural light is lacking put an overhead hanging lamp to avoid eye strain.

Work in natural light

Departamento GC: Estudios y oficinas de estilo  por kababie arquitectos
kababie arquitectos

Departamento GC

kababie arquitectos

Workspaces with sunshine give a sense of purpose and excitement encouraging owner to start work with great enthusiasm every day. This simple and artistic table designed out of metal and glass is inexpensive and can be placed before a large window for natural light during the day. Keep a dark thick rug below the day to avoid irritating noise of metal scraping on floor. One or two plastic and metal chairs can help relax with friends when they drop in and a table lamp can provide light after sundown.

Work and Relax

People working in creative field need bright and productive atmosphere to encourage creative ideas. The play of pastel and bright colors in this charming room with a wooden floor are beautifully accentuated with colorful cushions against sky blue walls. The wide notice board provides brilliant contrast to wood background and white work table. Open storage on the side in bright orange and grey add fun element to the room while pale blue settee against the wall is perfect place to relax when too many ideas cloud the mind.

Study and Work

If work does not involve any writing or computer related stuff then keep the table out of furniture requirements. Set up a large comfortable armchair with a wide footrest near your library or book shelf with a large window or door facing sunlight. Have a chair that can be lightly tilted backwards to take a light nap when tired or sleepy.

Living Room cum workspace

Lack space in your home? Turn the living room into a work com relaxation zone with this obtrusive wooden table behind the large chaise lounge. If there is a wide window in the side or rear one can avoid using artificial lighting during the day. Get that simple floor lamp to work at night while watching television.

Workspace for professionals

Architects and interior decorators Lorezo Alvarez have created this modern worktable appropriate for their profession to read blueprints and designs. This low level large worktable is wide enough to accommodate three to four chairs across its length. Add a couple of metal table lamps at both ends for better view of drawings and making corrections where necessary. If you have a wide balcony with a low wall then it can glassed up like this area to create a neat work space and hold the table too.

The best feature about home workstations is that these private spaces can be enlarged and diminished to suit requirements and its themes can be changed to meet growth needs over a period of time.

Want to adopt any of these home office ideas? Write to us for more ideas.

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