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5 unexpected ways to switch up your interiors

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There is a place for everything, and everything has its place.

That's the rule we've always been told, at least as far as interior design goes. But what happens when we want to break away from the status quo? Is it possible to make a design scheme work when everything is in the wrong place?

Of course! In fact, replacing tried and tested furniture placement with unexpected twists is one of the easiest ways to freshen up the feeling of your home. Just check out these five surprising ideas – you'll be amazed by what a little creativity can achieve!

A living room in the bathroom

Textiles in the bathroom? That's madness! Or is it? Usually, the only fabrics found in this space are a couple of towels and a bath mat, but sticking to this guideline means limiting the possibilities our bathroom can offer. This room should be a space of relaxation and repose, which can be hard to achieve when the dominating elements are cold, hard tile and porcelain.

Cosy the space up a little by including an in-built sofa. A deep window would be the perfect place to do this, as would a long wall, or underneath a set of stacked floating shelves. In terms of upholstery, try to stick to man-made fibres that will be more resistant to damp and mould, and remember to air the bathroom regularly. If space is limited, try putting a small wicker chair in the corner. The key is to make the bathroom design more than just a purely functional space – it should be calm and inspiring, too.

An office on the balcony

How many times have you wished you could sit in the sunshine, only to remember that you still have hours of work left to do? With this solution, you don't have to say no to either. Drumroll please… say hello to the office balcony!

This portable desk cleverly attaches itself to your balcony rail or fence. Heavy enough to stay put when you're typing furiously, but durable enough to withstand the elements, this tiny table top has enough space for your laptop, stationery, and a small drink. There are multiple benefits to working outside – the sunshine boosts concentration, energy, and serotonin levels, meaning that you're happier and more content as you work. Just add a reclining deck chair and a pot of flowers for the dreamiest outdoor workspace ever.

A bed on the bookshelf

Compulsive readers take note – this innovative design is a bookworm's best friend. With a set up like this, you never have to stop reading again! Bookshelves have long been a design feature in their own right, but it's rare to see them incorporated into other kinds of furniture.

This smart reading system has enough deep shelves to host a whole library of books, and features multi-level sofas, one of which has a gentle incline to allow avid readers to really sink back and relax. Adjustable lighting is clipped onto the top of the shelves for those long nights when putting down the book just isn't an option.

A library in the kitchen

Cocinas modernas de homify Moderno

Books don't often find their home in the kitchen, unless they're touting delicious recipes and healthy eating guidelines. But when you think about it, there's no better place for them – what could be better than picking up a book of short stories when you're waiting for your food to cook?

That's not all – this bookish kitchen island is a cornucopia of wonder. First and foremost a worktop, the underneath has been contoured to allow multiple chrome bar stools to fit underneath. Thanks to this, it can also be used as a roomy dining table – what an excellent space saving technique for small apartments! Finally, a built-in wine rack houses a collection of prized vintages.

A cinema in the corner

This cute idea is the perfect way to bring an unused alcove back into action. The designers built a sweet two seater settee into the small space, which also doubles up as a crafty storage solution. Opposite the sofa, an wide screen TV has been installed. This private viewing spot is ideal for cosy movie nights, and would easily work in any room of the house – except, maybe, the bathroom!

Many rules are there for a reason, but some are meant to be broken. Try shaking up the design of your home this weekend – you might be surprised by the results!

Interested in seeing more unexpected interiors? Check out these three small houses with BIG surprises inside!

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