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7 top ways to maximise a small living space!

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Everyone wants to make sure their home is the best it could possibly be, so why not grab some tips from the experts?

Space is important, but it often goes wrong; a room that's too small will be crowded, uncomfortable or completely ignored. The experts at homify, however, have given us all the solutions we could need, so let's get straight into it!

Rethink your furniture

There is always a way to make small spaces work.

Maybe you simply need to rethink your furniture; swap a classic sofa for a smaller corner sofa or a smaller coffee table. There are many examples of how side tables, coffee tables and trays can aid your mission to maximise your home's space, as well as sneaky storage ideas

Why not go for a TV stand with storage, like in the room above? Or a small set of barely-there shelves to hide unnecessary bits and bobs with a minimalist approach?

For more corner sofa inspiration, there's much, much more here!

Get rid of walls

Knocking down walls and other barriers between different rooms can open up a whole new world. Suddenly, three small, dingy rooms could become one large, open, communal area that gives your home the gift of seeming huge.

Walls between the kitchen and dining room, living room and the corridor seem useless now when there's so much potential for your home. The above example, for instance, from Mexican architects Faci Leboreiro Arquitectura combines a dining room and a living room, creating one big, elegant room.

Make the most of every square centimetre

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MAAD Architectes

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MAAD Architectes

Top tip: never let a spare cupboard or empty corner go unused. The possibilities are endless – you can make any space functional and beautiful.

MAAD Architects, based in France, designed this entrance hall, using up all available space. What was once an empty cupboard in an unused corner of the home, has become a charming, home-made nook! It looks effortless, too, giving hope to those of us with small living spaces to make our own. 

The importance of shelving

Shelves are an apartment's best friend.

Covering an entire wall in shelves is a truly genius idea when you have more clutter than space. Whether it's books in a pile on the floor, magazines scattered across several rooms or your everyday necessities, it's always a great idea to put your things away somewhere. Shelves are your 'somewhere'!

Store unnecessary things out of sight

Clutter is the bane of many lives (trust us, we know). We chuck our keys in any old place, we leave coats on the back of chairs and we dump papers and magazines on tables. The solution to this clutter? A place to put it all!

Small, organised cupboards and drawers are an easy, multi-purpose answer. Not only can you store things inside, but you can also place things on top! Some of our best example include sideboards, which are perfect for all of the mess you need to put somewhere.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Just make sure you keep track of your keys…

You can even put furniture away

For small spaces such as living rooms, easily-stored furniture is an excellent solution to making the most of your floor space. This is a superb example; beanbag chairs and beanbag sofas can be effortlessly stored away in order to maximise the space in the room.

It goes without saying that beanbag furniture is pretty much perfect; it's comfy, easily moved around and impressively popular with young people, like students.

Go vertical

There's no shame in stacking, stacking, stacking. Especially if you have a high ceiling – so why not? It also draws the eyes upwards, making your space feel more grand and expansive, as well as making your floor space appear bigger. So when you're looking for storage, mirrors or art to hang on the wall, remember that you can't go wrong with floor-to-ceiling techniques.

Remember: don't fear small spaces, you've got the ideas you need to make the most of them! And for further proof, here's list of 13 incredibly tiny home spaces!

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