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Mille Arts

Mille Arts
Mille Arts
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Well known doesn’t always mean talented. 

They are a lot of potentially great artists, especially in Africa, who due to a lack of opportunities, help and support have remained undiscovered. 

Africa generally has been underrepresented on the Art scene, as witnessed by the little to no space occupied by African art on the international sales circuit. 

However, the richness and authenticity of African art can neither be denied nor ignored and the past few years have ushered in a new interest in African art by collectors from all over the world. 

Mille Arts is a gallery created with diverse art styles and authentic taste.

The idea of the gallery is highly innovative and upbeat and is already a huge success with promises to do better.

One of the aims of the gallery is to shed light on and bring to the fore those African artists who are talented yet unknown due to various circumstances. 

With the new-found appetite of collectors (especially from the U.K. and the U.S.A.) for the refreshing uniqueness of African art and the creativity of the artists being at an all-time high, there seems to be a revolution about to take place in the history of African art and with Mille Arts right there at the centre of latest developments passionately championing the cause of African arts, one thing is inadvertent: 

The future is bright for Mille Arts!!

1 Thane Villas, Studio 101
N7 7PH London
Reino Unido